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5 Simple Solutions for Nasal Congestion

5 Simple Solutions for Nasal Congestion

Experiencing nasal congestion can make for an obnoxious interruption to your day-to-day equilibrium. Fortunately, there are a variety of very accessible home remedies and methods that can help you mitigate, and possibly cure, nasal congestion quickly and easily.

What is Causing My Nasal Congestion?

When nasal congestion occurs, it can be the result of one of several different things. One possible cause is an infection of the sinuses; others include seasonal allergies, the common cold, and the flu, per The resulting trouble or inability to breathe through the nose, and the physical sensation of stuffiness, are no fun.

When an infection or allergic reaction occurs in the sinuses, the nasal passages become inflamed and irritated, per The inflammation causes the stuffed-up feeling to occur, and the nasal passages also produce extra mucus to help flush out whatever irritant is causing the inflammation.

Treating Nasal Congestion

Per, decongestants are an over-the-counter treatment that many people turn to when dealing with nasal congestion. However, these medications have clear drawbacks. If the congestion does not clear up or if you do not use other, simpler methods for treating the congestion, you could become dependent on decongestants for relief. When this happens, it can compound the problem with “rebound swelling” and an increased need for relief.

Instead, it is recommended that you try out simpler, more natural remedies and methods to get rid of the congestion. Note, too, that many, if not all, decongestants can raise your blood pressure, essentially putting them off-limits to anyone with hypertension. Next, we will look at some highly affordable remedies that can provide relief, as well as some measures you can take at home to clear up congestion.

Alternative Remedies for Nasal Congestion

Use a saline spray to keep your nasal passages moist. We recommend using Good Sense Nasal Spray, available here at Moisture is very important when it comes to clearing up nasal congestion, and a saline spray is a direct and effective way to apply moisture to the nasal passages, per A saline spray is essentially salt water, made in an ideal ratio to treat the nasal passages.

Eucalyptus oil is another easy and natural way to keep the nasal passages moist. Per, essential oils in general can be helpful, but eucalyptus oil might be the best one for helping to alleviate nasal congestion. It is recommended that you conduct “aromatherapy” by mixing in some eucalyptus oil with boiling water and inhaling gently for a few minutes daily. Eucalyptus oil can be found affordably here on as arbor oil.

Easy Home Methods for Alleviating Nasal Congestion

Inhaling steam is an easy way to help moisturize the nasal passages, and therefore bring some measure of relief, per Doing so helps to loosen up the mucus in your nose, making it easier to get rid of. Inhaling steam from a boiling pot of water or while taking a hot shower can also do the trick. It’s recommended that you do this twice a day for the best effects.

Applying a warm compress to and around your nasal area might help lessen the inflammation that is causing the stuffy feeling, per It does so by helping to stimulate blood flow to the vessels in and around your nose. This method is also helpful in that it might help melt any dense mucus in the nasal passages so that it can be expelled easier.

Staying hydrated is important for treating nasal congestion. Per, drinking plenty of fluids daily will help to thin out mucus so it’s more easily expelled. Try to avoid fluids that can be dehydrating, such as alcohol and coffee.

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