What happens when items are out of stock?

Sometimes we run out of items in our warehouse and we're waiting to be resupplied. When that happens, we mark the products as "Out of Stock" on the website, but still allow you to add the item to your cart and purchase it.

All of the items that are in stock get shipped out to you normally. As soon as we get the backordered item(s) back in stock, we'll ship it out to you in a separate delivery and complete your order. You won't be charged any additional shipping fees for the follow-up shipment.

Due to increased shipping costs, we do not process backorders for international orders. If you purchase an item that is on backorder, we will remove the item from your purchase and submit a credit for the price of that item to the form of payment used in your transaction.

Sometimes backordered items are in very high demand and resupplying our shelves may take longer than expected. We can't always know how long this period of time will last. If you ever have a question about your backordered item, just contact us.