Does Wonder package products in larger quantities than what is on the website or in the catalog (Example: The website shows a product in the 100 count and 250 count bottles and the customer wants it in a 500 count bottle)?

No, Wonder does not do special packaging. This would not be cost effective for Wonder Labs or for the customer.

Does Wonder offer special (wholesale) pricing for customers wanting to sell its products?

Wonder does not have special (wholesale) pricing. You can order one bottle of Wonder's product(s) or 1,000 bottles; the price is the same. Wonder's prices are already very low discounted prices.

Are your products okay to take with my prescription medications?

You should ask your doctor who prescribed the prescription medication(s) you are taking or your pharmacist if you can take this dietary supplement with the drugs you are taking.

Where are Wonder Laboratories Products Made?

Wonder Laboratories is proud to say that all our products are manufactured here in the United States, at our facility in Middle Tennessee. Our facility is registered and inspected by the FDA and follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) in order to provide you with the highest quality products.

Does Wonder Laboratories Test It's Products?

Yes, we utilize both internal and 3rd party testing for purity, quality and potency. Our rigorous testing process includes testing both raw materials and finished products to ensure consistency throughout the manufacturing process to the bottle.