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Shark Cartilage: A Supportive Supplement

Shark Cartilage: A Supportive Supplement

While the majority of dietary supplements are derived from plants, some are not. One of the more uniquely sourced supplements is shark cartilage. This supplement has shown the potential to bolster the health of your skin, bones, and body in general.


The Context on Shark Cartilage

Shark cartilage is the bodily tissue of sharks that support their fins. The majority of shark cartilage harvested by humans comes from sharks in the Pacific Ocean. Shark cartilage as a form of medicine was popularized in the 1970s. Colloquial monikers for this supplement include “marine collagen,” “cartilage de requin,” and others. 

Since it became popular, shark cartilage has been touted for a few different uses relating to joint health, macular degeneration, and other conditions. Keep in mind that no supplement, including this one, is a replacement for medical attention and treatment where it is necessary. Talk to your doctor before taking shark cartilage or any other supplement for the first time.

Improving joint health might be accomplished by taking shark cartilage. This is because shark cartilage contains glucosamine, a natural compound that is essential for the formation of strong working joints.

Regrowing hair is possible by supplementing with shark cartilage if done consistently. Studies, including a double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted by Chicago-based Lifes2good, have shown that shark cartilage can boost hair growth in women with temporarily thinning hair, and in men with alopecia. It can take up to six months for a real difference to be noticed.

Reducing osteoarthritis symptoms can be accomplished if shark cartilage is taken alongside chondroitin sulfate and/or glucosamine sulfate

Improving age-related vision loss is a potential benefit of shark cartilage. One study showed that persons with age-related vision loss had improvements in vision after taking shark cartilage for 24 weeks.


While it might seem unconventional, shark cartilage is a natural supplement sourced from strong tissue in sharks which can benefit people. If joint health or either of the other health concerns mentioned above apply to you, then consider taking shark cartilage. It can potentially make a difference when combined with healthy diet choices and/or the other ideal supplements for joint health.


* Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. WonderLabs always recommends reviewing any nutritional supplement changes with your primary medical provider.