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What Water Does For Your Body (Micrographic)

What Water Does For Your Body (Micrographic)

Sure… we all know that water is phenomenal, especially when in relation to our survival. After all, our bodies are made mostly of water (as if we don’t hear that fact enough). As humans, we need water to live. But did you ever take a deeper look into exactly why that is?

Yes, we need water, but for what reasons? What miraculous things does water do once it enters our body and why are these functions so vital?

what water does for your body

In this graphic, we answer just that – “What Does Water Do for You?” From forming saliva that aids in digestion to acting as a lubricant to our joints so we can have the freedom to move with ease, water is truly our life force, our freedom. Take a look at some of the scientific facts in this graphic and hopefully, you’ll appreciate H2O that much more.

In order to make sure that your body can completely carry out these functionalities, be sure that you’re getting at least 50 ounces a day – about the equivalent of four to six glasses of water. If you’d like to know more about how much water you require to stay healthy, check out our previous blog post, “The Ideal Water Intake: It’s Not Necessarily 8 Glasses a Day.”

Now go drink some water and keep that body well-hydrated! Cheers!

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