4 Natural Remedies for Parasites/Tapeworms

4 Natural Remedies for Parasites/Tapeworms

Published by Wonder Laboratories on May 9th 2023

Tapeworms are one of the most common parasites. There are different types of parasites that can invade and affect the human body, and tapeworm is one that can be addressed with natural remedies. Here is a look at a few natural supplements that can aid in the extermination of a tapeworm.

What Does a Tapeworm Infection Look Like?

Parasites, by definition, are foreign and unwanted organisms that seek a host to occupy for survival. A tapeworm is a type of parasite that can live in the human intestines, as well as feed and reproduce by producing eggs. A tapeworm usually causes symptoms such as stomach ache, nausea, lack of appetite, diarrhea, and weight loss. However, in some cases, a tapeworm will cause no symptoms. Medical attention, to include the use of prescription medication, is very common in treating a tapeworm infection. Medical attention should be sought if you suspect that you or a family member could have a tapeworm. A tapeworm or its larva could be ingested by consuming meat or water that has been contaminated. One way to evade a tapeworm infection is to avoid undercooked meat or fish; infections often occur from consuming larva located in undercooked meat or fish. Other precautions include freezing meat for a few days prior to preparing/consuming it, washing your hands well, and cleaning fruit before consuming it.

Products to Help Defeat Parasites

Each of the following supplements can be useful in preventing or treating a tapeworm infection. Bear in mind that these remedies are not intended to replace medical treatment for a tapeworm but rather to supplement it.


Berberine is one of the most effective herbal remedies on the market. At least one major scientific article has been published which supports berberine as an effective herbal agent to protect against a tapeworm infection. Berberine also has a reputation as a potential herbal remedy for other types of parasites.


Turmeric is a plant with powerful potential as a remedy. The antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities of turmeric can make it useful against tapeworms. Turmeric is commonly available as an oral supplement. It is ideal to consume turmeric with water before a meal.


Papain, as well as other proteolytic (digestive) enzymes, can be useful for restoring an intestinal tract that has been affected by a parasitic infection. Papain is a natural enzyme that occurs in the papaya plant, and it also serves as a digestive enzyme. It can specifically help to kill and get rid of parasitic worms. Papain is best taken alongside meals. It is often found in a proteolytic enzyme complex supplement.


Wormwood is an herb, and wormwood extract is a type of herbal remedy. Wormwood is believed to help combat tapeworms. At least one animal study has shown that wormwood extract helps destroy and get rid of both tapeworms and their eggs. More research is needed to study wormwood's effectiveness on parasites. The four natural supplements above each have the potential to mitigate the unseemly parasite that is a tapeworm. Seek medical attention if you believe you or a family member could have one. Talk to your healthcare provider before using any of these natural remedies for a tapeworm infection.

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