4 Reasons Why Sublingual Vitamins Are So Beneficial

4 Reasons Why Sublingual Vitamins Are So Beneficial

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Feb 16th 2018

From injections to patches to pills and more, there are many ways to get vitamins into your system. But when it comes to ease, cost, and a few other factors, it's hard to beat sublingual delivery. Sublingual, which means beneath the tongue, is a popular way to take several vitamins and supplements – primarily Vitamin B12 supplements and melatonin. When taking a sublingual tablet, you simply place the tablet beneath the tongue, where it dissolves and enters the bloodstream directly. Why are sublingual administration of vitamins and dietary supplement so beneficial? Well, there are four reasons why we love this method…

#1 Better Absorption Rate

It's been argued that some tablets (like Vitamin B12) are actually more effective when taken sublingually because the body is able to absorb vitamin B12 supplements and the contents directly through the bloodstream.

#2 Ease of Use

Don't have a glass of water on hand? Have difficulty swallowing pills? With sublingual vitamins, it's not a problem. Sublingual vitamins are easy for anyone to take – especially children and older adults who may not be able to swallow pills.

#3 Lower Cost

B12 injections are quite popular these days. Proponents say they boost energy and promote weight loss. However, these injections can be quite expensive. Sublingual B12 tablets are much more affordable by comparison – costing just a few cents per dose.

#4 Faster Uptake

Taking sublingual vitamins may result in faster uptake (when compared to swallowing a pill). Think about it this way: when you swallow a pill, your digestive system has to work hard to digest the contents. The contents of the pill then go to your liver for filtration before entering into the bloodstream. When you take a sublingual tablet, on the other hand, the contents go directly into the bloodstream. It's no wonder that melatonin, which helps support healthy sleep patterns, is often sold in a sublingual form. When you need help getting to sleep, you need help ASAP, right?

Get Started With Sublingual Vitamin B12

If you're interested in incorporating more Vitamin B12 into your diet, a sublingual tablet is an easy, low-cost way to boost your intake. Pick up a bottle of Sublingual B12 and Folic Acid – which one WonderLabs customer described as, Best B12 supplement I've used!

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