4 Supplements That Enhance Healthy Digestion

4 Supplements That Enhance Healthy Digestion

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Dec 3rd 2021

Although you might think of digestion as a simple and automatic process, like breathing, it can get difficult at times. Aside from knowing what foods and lifestyle choices facilitate good digestion, certain natural supplements can also make digestion easier and more conducive to your body's homeostasis.

The Basics of Good Digestion

Hydration, food choices and portion size all matter when it comes to digestion. When certain less-than-ideal food and drink is consumed, your body might react with symptoms such as bloating and heartburn. An uncomfortable stuffed feeling can also occur. Although these are mild post-meal symptoms, they are signals to pay attention to what you are eating before choosing what to eat and while you are consuming it. If you don't have gastrointestinal disorder, then these lifestyle factors are bound to make a difference. There are a few ways to hone your diet to ensure good digestion. Eating whole, natural foods while avoiding processed, refined foods helps you to avoid bringing negative bacteria into the gut. Staying hydrated throughout the day bolsters digestion. Eating while relaxed, and not overeating, is also an essential way to encourage healthy digestion.

Four Supplements for Healthy Digestion

Fiber is a great supplement for digestion. It is found in many natural foods, and can it's commonly available in supplement form. There are actually two types of fiber and both are helpful to digestion in different ways. Soluble fiber helps avoid water in the gut, and adds bulk to your stool. Insoluble fiber works in a different way to keep things moving along in the gut. Probiotics are another excellent supplement for digestive health, and overall gut and bodily health as well. Probiotics are the live, good bacteria that your gut deserves. These bacteria help foster healthy digestion, and a healthy gut biome, which affects other areas of your health. They're a stark contrast to the bacteria contained in processed foods. Vitamin D is beneficial for digestive health, among many other benefits. It's been shown to help keep the digestive tract healthy by fighting inflammation in those people dealing with digestive issues, and by bolstering positive bacteria. Digestive enzymes are substances already present in your gut as your body, but adding to that through your own consumption can be beneficial. Such enzymes can also be found in supplement form, which makes for a worthwhile helper to the enzymes already present in your gut. Bromelain and papain are two of the most common and useful digestive enzymes found in supplement form. Mindful, intuitive eating choices and the right natural supplements can make for a solid digestion-boosting combination. If you want to see an increase in your digestive health and resulting comfort this week, follow these tips and take these supplements into account. Always talk to your doctor before trying a new supplement as well.

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