5 Natural Products That Support Lung Health And Function

5 Natural Products That Support Lung Health And Function

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Jan 10th 2023

Our lungs work constantly to keep us breathing. Your lung health is something to be cognizant of since lungs are susceptible to illness and infections. Certain vitamins and herbs can be useful to prevent lung infection by bolstering the well-being of your lungs.

Why Lung Health Matters

Your lungs and respiratory system are at work 24/7. Because of this high demand for the work of the lungs, they are naturally strong. However, your lungs can be susceptible to infections. Lung infections (also called pulmonary infections) are some of the most common ailments in the world. It's helpful for you to know what these infections are. The types and causes of different pulmonary infections vary widely. Pneumonia is one of the most common conditions of the lungs, and it can be caused by a number of different viruses and bacterial infections; There are many other known bacterial & viral lung infections, as well. Lung conditions such as COPD usually result from environmental/lifestyle factors such as smoking. Genetically inherited conditions like cystic fibrosis can over time make the lungs susceptible to repeated infections. The necessary treatments for these conditions vary greatly. Some lung conditions require medical attention and intervention, such as medication and even surgery in some severe cases. For other conditions (e.g. asthma), the disorder must be managed. Whether you experience one of these conditions or not, protecting your lungs against infection and harm is a very worthwhile health point to prioritize.

Vitamins, Herbs, & Nutrients for Healthy Lungs

The following supplements have qualities that are beneficial to the lungs. Some of these are said to be of help for lung health in a general sense. Others are specifically recommended to combat lung infections. All of them have the potential to bolster the health and well-being of your lungs. Astragalus is a powerful antioxidant that can defend against a range of different respiratory illnesses. It helps the immune system to battle against the yearly flu, and against the common cold as well. Astragalus can also help asthmatic individuals. Curcumin is helpful for individuals with COPD. Curcumin has been shown to reduce airway inflammation . The antioxidant properties of curcumin are also thought to help battle the oxidative stress that underlies COPD. Eucalyptus oil is a unique essential oil that can help mitigate some viral infections that affect the lungs. It has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to some boiling water, and gently inhaling the steam for a few minutes, can work against the symptoms of bronchitis, sinusitis, and rhinitis. Ginger can bolster lung health in a couple of ways. Ginger helps clear out mucus, which can make breathing easier if you are experiencing a respiratory illness. Ginger also reduces inflammation surrounding the lungs. Vitamin D is a worthwhile supplement for the lungs. Vitamin D deficiency is strongly correlated with increased susceptibility to respiratory tract infections. Supplementing with vitamin D can prevent infection. Taking vitamin D might also be helpful for asthmatics. Vitamin D is even believed to help your body absorb oxygen during exercise. Don't dismiss Vitamin D! While the lungs are tough, they can be affected by illness. The above herbs and vitamins provide nutritional support to prevent and/or treat several types of lung infection. Taking one or more of these can prove to be of enormous benefit! Talk to your healthcare provider about using any of these supplements.

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