5 Reasons For Some Vitamins, Herbs and Minerals Before Hitting the Gym

5 Reasons For Some Vitamins, Herbs and Minerals Before Hitting the Gym

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Dec 20th 2018

Many people would walk right away from exercising if they were told that exercising leaves some of their tissues broken or injured. Hard as that may be to swallow, it's the frank way to explain the internal technicalities that make exercises beneficial. Talking about misconceptions, hypes and exaggerations, health and fitness comes only second to love and relationships. The advent of the internet that sees to an overflow of information has qualified almost anyone with the right physique to become a fitness coach. You possibly have been sold the idea that working out or lifting weight at the gym will automatically get your calories burning, muscles growing and all. Those who told you this forgot to let you in a bit on the technicalities that make this happen. Little wonder, many literally stay at the gym and have nothing quite tangible to show for it. Come to think of it, lots of things get left out from good intention filled individuals that encourage people to get on their fitness train. Another area that should be addressed with recent developments is the amazing benefits and help that things like kinesiology tape may provide help to injury prone exercisers. Yet another is proper nutrition through diet and vitamins and supplements. Before we say anything about vitamins, let us unveil a few not-so-talked-about truths. To make the most of your workouts and exercises, you should spot the faint line between keeping fit, losing weight and building muscles. Until you're able to place each of the above on a separate plate, you just may join the bandwagon of those wasting their precious time, energy and resources. In keeping fit, you're not necessarily weighty, you probably are just perfect but need to stay flexible and avoid growing fat and lazy. Taking a walk, running a bit around and doing some minor gym stuff could be just okay for you. When it comes to losing weight, you're fighting a battle against calories and rigidity. This requires more work. In this case, the best way to give it a heavy blow is to understand the mechanics of the body in relation to exercise. Building muscles goes hand in hand with losing weight. There's a lot of technicalities that entail the growth and sustenance of muscles aside merely exercising the muscles. Neglecting the interior technicalities that catalyze results may mean leaving a lot of benefits on the table. So, here's why you should consider herbs, vitamins and minerals even before you hit the gym. When you exercise, your body tissues rub against each other, stretch and strain. This results in their breakage and injury in many cases. Picture exercising as putting your body through the same processes a potter puts clay before it assumes the beautiful shape it eventually does. The tissue tears are to your advantage, not the other way around. But there's much more you're neglecting. One of the weirdest truths you'd ever hear about exercise is that It's not while you exercise that you burn the most calories or build the most muscles, it's when you're resting . Not many will agree with this but keep reading. While you exercise, you stretch your muscles and tissues, some of them tear inside. When you're done and while you rest, the torn muscles begin to heal. The spaces left by the torn cells are filled with new cells and then your muscle grows. The entire healing process generates much more heat than the workout itself. This heat produced via the healing process now burns much more calories and build more muscles.

5 Ways Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements Help Exercise Goals

I've summarized this in relation to minerals, vitamins and herbs below:
  1. Say an hour or less before exercising, eat a carbohydrate and protien rich food. This will provide the energy your body needs for the work out
  2. Antioxidants like vitamins E and C have the ability to clean up damaged cells and free radicals resulting from exercising. These can be gotten from fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and spices. While it's healthier to grab them via organic sources as such, you could also take them in tablet forms. Spices too are endowed with an ability to promote health, exercise performance and fitness gains.Why should you consider taking antioxidant vitamins before hitting the gym? Simple: Because you need your torn cells and tissues to heal quickly while generating enough heat to burn more calories and/or build more muscles. The faster you make the healing process, the more results you get from your exercise.
  3. Vitamin C has been said to support heart health and blood flow. Of all things, one of your greatest needs while you exercise is the need to have your blood flow effortlessly. Second to that is your ability to breathe unhindered.
  4. Mouth bacteria have been proven to convert nitrate to nitrite, which in its oxide form, widens the blood vessels, allowing more oxygen rich blood to flow through the body. This is especially healthy for a productive workout. Beet juice has a lot of this. When you consume this before hitting the gym, it leaves some nitrate in your mouth ready for the conversion process and that entails a healthy blood flow during the exercise.
  5. To promote a healthy inflammatory response, turmeric and pineapple bear the magic. The hazardous reverse of an inflammatory response entails a dysfunctional metabolism. This leaves a ripple effect on and truncates the body's ability to heal torn cells and tissues and limits the efficacy of exercises.
Suffice it to say that this is merely a three-edged sword. Your body needs energy to exercise well, your system needs vitamins and minerals to ensure endurance so you don't breakdown or lose it just when starting, and you sure need antioxidants to enhance the cleaning and healing of broken cells and tissues, building of new ones to ensure muscular growth and to generate the required heat to burn your calories. This is why you should give herbs, vitamins and minerals a thought before hitting the gym.

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