5 Reasons to Choose Wonder Labs

5 Reasons to Choose Wonder Labs

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Nov 10th 2014

Americans have a steadfast confidence in the role vitamins and supplements play in our daily health and wellness goals. Experts estimate that by year end, Americans will have spent $32.8 billion on these items, and billions more by 2017. With such an abundance of products to choose from, how do you know if the products you're selecting are the right ones for your needs? How do you know if what you're purchasing actually represents the ingredients listed on the label, and adheres to the standards for potency and efficacy? It all starts with selecting the right supplement provider. And for thousands of consumers located around the nation, that expert is Wonder Laboratories. Here are the five top reasons why people around the nation choose to work with us and purchase.

#1 - Product Testing

Due to the vast number of products, over 400, that WonderLabs manufactures we must source our ingredients, over 300 different varieties, from suppliers globally. Regardless of where our products are sourced we make use of our on-site laboratory as well as third-party labs to test every lot of raw materials we obtain for the products we manufacture. This means every individual ingredient must pass strict identity protocols, and tested for strength, purity, and composition before being used in any of our products. If the ingredient doesn't adhere to our highest standards, it doesn't go into our products for our customers.

#2 - Depth and Breadth of Products

Our company sells more than 472 products in approximately 140 categories. Wonder Labs diverse product line allows for us to help provide supplements that can support lowering that high blood pressure, energy supplements, stress relief, and many more symptoms. This robust lineup of products includes the highly popular ingredients, such as turmeric, berberine and Garcinia Cambogia for weight maintenance and Biotin for healthy hair and nails, as well as the more specialized items, such as the all-natural muscle relaxant, Valerin® and Advanced Sublingual Vitamin B12, which allows you to avoid getting B-12 shots. We also have a long list of Kosher products, and we are Kosher certified and FDA registered facility.

#3 - Manufacturer Direct Pricing

Because we make the WonderLabs brand supplements, we are able to pass along those savings directly to the consumer. There is no middleman that will raise the prices. Most vitamin and mineral brands use a practice called white labeling , where they purchase a finished product from a third party before selling it to the customer. This practice of white-labeling , can lead to higher prices for consumers and less control by the brand on purity and potency standards.

#4 - Made in the USA

Our facility is located in White House, Tennessee, where we manufacture, package, and ship our products. We keep things local to support our employees and their families who make WonderLabs the successful company that we've grown to become.

#5 - 100% Clean Energy

We've installed solar panels that produce enough solar power to run our manufacturing plant and offices with 100 percent clean energy. Our dedication to health and wellness includes doing our part to take care of the Earth by choosing sustainable energy sources. Further, we recycle all of the plastic, cardboard, and aluminum we use. Acting environmentally responsible is a priority among all of our employees. Let WonderLabs assist you with the vitamins and nutritional supplements you need to support your health and wellness goals. Also don't forget our Health Freedom Blog, for great information on many topics like maintaining a balanced diet, educational pieces on different vitamins and their functions, and much more. Visit our online marketplace for products, or contact us for more information. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Read what others are saying about WonderLabs as well:

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