5 Steps to a More Relaxing Lifestyle

5 Steps to a More Relaxing Lifestyle

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Feb 2nd 2016

Headaches, back pain, tense muscles, lack of focus, restlessness … these symptoms all can be indicators of stress. And they all can be symptoms that you're in need of more relaxation in your life. Whether your stress is brought on by a hectic work schedule or other factors, such as sleeplessness or stressful events, like a relocation or death in the family, you need to tackle the issue. Stress, which can be brought on by anxiety, tension or anger, can wreak havoc on your body — causing an increase in blood pressure, shallow breathing, digestive problems and tense muscles. When you have symptoms that are interfering with your ability to relax, take steps to overcome them. Here are 5 steps to a more relaxing lifestyle

1.Identify your stressors.

It could be your work schedule or a toxic relationship that could trigger stress in your life. It's important to identify where your stressful situations originate so that you can take the proper steps to address them, whether it requires changing the situation or figuring out a way to more properly address them.

2. Practice deep breathing.

Slowing your breathing can help you reduce your heart rate. You can practice a variety of breathing techniques. There is no right way. However, you can slowly draw in a deep breath while counting to four, hold it several seconds, and then exhale at a count of 7 or 8. Repeat for several minutes until you feel that you have started to relax.

3. Take a break.

Sometimes relaxation requires that you step away for a moment from the activities that are causing you stress. If it's work, take the time to walk around the building to reduce the anxiety. Even if it's as simple as taking breaks from your laptop or smartphone, doing absolutely nothing can do wonders to ease the stress in your life.

4. Stretch.

One of the first areas you feel stress is in your muscles. Practice stretching to ease the tension in your muscles, which can lead to relaxation of your body as well as your mind.

5. Supplement your diet.

Sometimes our diets fall short in providing the supplements we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some supplements help promote relaxation, such as Valerin® which contains passion flower, valerian root and magnesium carbonate. When taken regularly, these supplements can help you manage your symptoms of stress. Wonder Labs' Valerin® with Passion Flower provides the natural relaxant properties to help you ease stress and boost calmness. Each tablet contains 6 parts Valerian Root, 3 parts Passiflora, and 1 part Magnesium Carbonate.

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