6 Reasons Why You Need Eucalyptus Oil In Your Life!

6 Reasons Why You Need Eucalyptus Oil In Your Life!

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Sep 6th 2018

Are essential oils becoming a bigger trend every single day? Yes. Does that diminish their significance? No way! There's a lot of hype – and with that, a lot of skeptics – when it comes to essential oils. Today, let's bring the conversation into focus by looking on just one: eucalyptus essential oil. Here are a few of the ways eucalyptus oil can improve your health and home…

#1 Insect Repellant

Eucalyptus can work as an insect repellant. It can be applied topically to the skin or used to treat an entire area when diffused. You can use a pure essential oil of eucalyptus or a natural bug spray that includes eucalyptus in the ingredients list.

#2 Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

Eucalyptus oil can be applied topically to ease painful joints and muscles. Eucalyptus can be effective in reducing soreness and swelling, as well.

#3 Clear Out Sinuses

Just a few drops added to hot water can make for a very effective decongestant. If you inhale the steam of eucalyptus oil, be sure to keep your eyes closed so as to avoid painful burning that could occur from this intense oil. Alternatively, eucalyptus oil can be diluted and rubbed into the chest to relieve congestion.

#4 Knock Out Head Lice

As kids make their return to school, every young parent's nightmare is at the forefront of the mind: head lice! Many of the shampoos and other treatments used to manage head lice contain harsh chemicals. Eucalyptus oil offers a safer, more gentle alternative that can be quite effective.

#5 Knock Out Illness

From infection to fungus, eucalyptus oil can fight against many types of illnesses.

#6 Headache Relief

We've already talked about how eucalyptus oil can clear out your sinuses. Along those same lines, eucalyptus oil may help relieve headaches caused by sinus pressure. If you suffer from regular headaches, why not give this alternative a try? Find Pure Essential Oil of Eucalyptus Online Shop Now: Arbor Oil Spray | Pure Essential Oil of Eucalyptus
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