6 Supplements to Help You Beat the Afternoon Slump

6 Supplements to Help You Beat the Afternoon Slump

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Aug 8th 2022

Most of us know the feeling: It's after 12 noon, you've been working since the AM, the day isn't over and you get hit with a wave of fatigue. This is a relatively normal experience for those who work a 9-5 schedule, or similar. Let's take a look at why this happens, and discuss six products that can help you get through this period, or avoid it altogether.

Experiencing The Afternoon Slump

Getting tired in the afternoon is common, and in fact expected among some people, such as in Spain where a siesta is standard at around 2 p.m. But it isn't universal to every person who works all day, and not all of us experience it. There are multiple potential reasons why someone becomes tired in the afternoon. First, it is natural for the 24-hour circadian rhythm of many people to experience decreased alertness in the afternoon. However, various common factors can precipitate the afternoon slump as well. These include a lack of sufficient sleep, poor dietary intake, dehydration (the loss of water & electrolytes), and excessive stress. So what measures can you take to naturally avoid the afternoon slump? Obviously, staying hydrated throughout the morning is a plus. Going outside for even a short period of time, or just getting up and moving from your desk (if you sit at a desk) can help keep you energized in the afternoon. Avoiding simple carbohydrates at lunch, such as white bread and pastries, is the least you can do to align your diet for good afternoon energy.

Supplements That Can Supply All-Day Energy

Taking a supplement to support your bodily and mental energy all day long is worth considering. The following products all have the potential to do this for you. We recommend always talking to your doctor before trying a new supplement. And of course, these are not a replacement for sound dietary and lifestyle habits that play a role in helping you experience sustained energy. 

  • Citrulline can aid the body's energy levels by increasing the release of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide supports circulation and the transport of oxygen within the body. Green tea extract can help in two ways. 
  • Green tea contains catechins, substances that support the production of norepinephrine in the brain, which helps keep you energized. It also contains theanine, an essential amino acid which helps keep you sharp and focused. 
  • Melatonin can help those who struggle with the afternoon slump on account of poor sleep. Studies have shown that taking melatonin in order to increase the quality of one's sleep can have an effect on daily energy, including in the early PM hours. The effects of melatonin include improved concentration and reduced fatigue. 
  • Tyrosine is an amino acid. Amino acids are critical to all kinds of bodily functions; they are the components of most types of proteins. Tyrosine helps the production of neurotransmitters that work to keep you, your mind, and your body energized while awake. This is important, because neurotransmitter production can tend to diminish with vigorous work. 
  • Raspberry ketones, derived from raspberries (of course), can help your body release stored fat for energy production. Take 100-200 mg before meals. 
  • Vitamin B12 is essential for bodily health and well-being. In regard to sustained energy, B12 helps your cells transform food into energy, and also keeps nerves and blood cells healthy. It can specifically help you avoid anemia, which causes low energy.

To avoid the afternoon slump, good diet choices, staying hydrated, and sound sleep are critical. But if you still experience the afternoon slump no matter how you slept or ate, then the right supplement can really make a difference. Consider the above if you want to experience sustained energy in your busy afternoons.

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