7 Great Kosher Supplements for Your Consideration

7 Great Kosher Supplements for Your Consideration

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Jun 29th 2021

Eating kosher is something that some Jewish people take seriously. Here is a brief look at the kosher diet, the context and importance of this diet, and some supplements that are considered kosher.

What Does "Kosher" Mean?

The original Hebrew word "kosher" means "fit." It refers to foods that are considered fit for consumption. The primary rules of the kosher diet concern meat and dairy. As described by Kosher Certification, "Kosher meat must come from an animal that chews its cud and has split hooves," and "Kosher fowl . . . include the domesticated species of chickens, Cornish hens, ducks, geese, and turkeys." There are additional rules that concern dairy consumption, meat consumption and foods that are pareve (or neutral, not containing meat or dairy). Meat and dairy cannot be consumed at the same meal, and pareve foods must be prepared a certain way to ensure they contain no meat or dairy.

Why Kosher Matters

A kosher diet is an enormously important component to the lifestyle of many Jewish people, and perhaps to others who take on this diet. The origins of the kosher diet are about 4,000 years old, originating in the Torah, the Jewish holy text. A kosher diet is a practice of holiness that is embedded in the lifestyle of those who practice it. Not violating the rules of the kosher diet is naturally always a priority of those who practice it. Therefore, even supplementation must be regarded carefully, so as not to consume something that isn't kosher.

Worthwhile Kosher Supplements

What follows is a list of some of our most highly recommended and useful health supplements that are kosher. Here at Wonder Labs, our goal is and has always been to provide the consumer with reliable availability of Kosher products. Turmeric is a spice with a long history of medicinal use, largely on account of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is potentially useful for treating or preventing a wide variety of health conditions including osteoarthritis, high cholesterol, heartburn, and others. Keeping turmeric in your diet, or supplementing with it if you don't prefer the taste or the effort of adding it to your food, is very worthwhile. Zinc is an essential nutrient that is present in small amounts throughout your body, and it has various health benefits. Generally speaking, it is beneficial to the immune system and metabolic functioning. It is known that taking zinc within 24 hours of the onset of a cold can help shorten its duration.
A kosher form of zinc can be found here at in the form of zinc picolinate.
D-ribose is a molecule that can be useful in supporting heart health by facilitating the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the primary energy source for your body's cells. D-ribose can potentially be especially helpful in patients with heart disease, and with congestive heart failure. There is scientific evidence to support this claim, as one study showed that the hearts of patients taking d-ribose had increased diastolic function. Dong quai is a little-known herbal supplement that can be useful in aiding menopausal symptoms in women. It might also be useful in treating menstrual symptoms such as headaches. There may not be scientific evidence supporting it, buy Dong quai is colloquially regarded for these uses. L-taurine is an amino acid that is abundant in the heart, brain, skeletal muscles, and other parts of the body. It has the potential to help reduce the risk and/or effects of various illnesses such as Parkinson's disease, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and also periodontal disease. Quercetin is a flavonoid, common to many plants and available in supplement form, that is potentially useful for its antihistamine effects. Quercetin has been shown to support certain cells in such a way so as to help prevent allergic reactions, stress-induced anxiety, and possibly asthma. L-glutamine is a form of the amino acid glutamine, and has a role in protein synthesis, the regulation of kidney and immune function, and the health of intestinal tissue. It also serves as an energy source for your cells. Because of its variety of roles, l-glutamine is thought to be helpful in treating a variety of bodily disorders such as IBS, Crohn's disease, and ulcerative colitis. Check the back of a Wonderlabs label to see if a product is kosher free. All citations are hyperlinked.

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