7 Natural Remedies for Ringworm

7 Natural Remedies for Ringworm

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Apr 9th 2021

Ringworm is a type of rash that occurs as a result of a fungal infection. It gets its name from the red, circular rash that characterizes its appearance. Luckily there are no actual worms that accompany this condition!

What Causes Ringworm?

Ringworm (scientifically known as tinea corporis) is caused by a fungal infection on the skin, per It is closely related to other common fungal infections resulting in a rash, including athlete's foot, and it makes the skin red, scaly, and often itchy. Ringworm can be mild-to-moderate in severity and is highly contagious, per There are four typical manners of contact that lead to an individual contracting ringworm, including contact with another person, a pet, an object that's been in contact with the infection, or soil, per Getting rid of the fungal infection that causes ringworm is not altogether difficult, but it can take a few weeks. An antifungal cream is a common treatment, and usually must be applied daily for a period of two to four weeks, per However, there are various natural remedies and supplements that can do more to alleviate the symptoms of ringworm and may get rid of the infection quicker.

Remedies to Alleviate Ringworm

Soap and water is, perhaps surprisingly, effective at keeping ringworm from spreading on the skin, and therefore preventing it from going on longer than it should, per It's important that you always dry the skin well afterward, since fungal infections thrive in moisture. Cleaning the skin with soap and water is also important to do before using any of the other remedies discussed here. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and antifungal substance that is useful in helping rid of ringworm, per There is credible scientific evidence to show that tea tree oil is effective at helping to reduce and cure incidences of ringworm in humans. Apple cider vinegar is a kitchen ingredient with antifungal properties. Per, regular use of this substance can help to completely eliminate the infection which causes ringworm. It is recommended that after cleaning the skin with soap and water, you soak a cloth with apple cider vinegar and apply it to the rash for a few minutes twice a day. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR APPLE CIDER VINEGAR PRODUCTS Turmeric is a spice that is rich with health benefits, and it has anti-inflammatory properties that might be useful in helping get rid of ringworm, per It is common and easy to consume turmeric by adding it to your food. However, it can be topically applied as well by being mixed with water and applied to the rash for a few minutes each day. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR TURMERIC PRODUCTS Coconut oil is another kitchen ingredient with a variety of health uses, including as an antifungal agent. Per, it contains a substance known as lauric acid which is useful in treating fungal infections, including ringworm. It helps to kill the fungus causing ringworm, and soothe the skin. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR COCONUT OIL PRODUCTS Aloe vera, commonly used as an aid for comfort and healing of various skin maladies, is potentially effective in treating ringworm, per It contains both antifungal and antimicrobial properties, among other positive properties. It also helps to bring acute relief to the itching and irritation that comes with ringworm. An aloe vera gel is an ideal way to get the benefits of this plant extract. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR ALOE VERA PRODUCTS Mustard seed paste can bring direct relief to the symptoms of ringworm, including itchiness and redness, per This can be especially helpful in reducing the spread of ringworm, because if it's itching, you're more likely to scratch the affected area, likely causing it to spread. Mustard seed paste can be applied directly to the rash for a few minutes each day. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR MUSTARD SEED PASTE PRODUCTS We hope this blog helped you discover some natural remedies and supplements that help alleviate your Ringworm symptoms!

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