7 Natural Solutions for Strep Throat Symptoms

7 Natural Solutions for Strep Throat Symptoms

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Apr 8th 2021

A sore throat isn't fun, but strep throat is worse. It's uncomfortable, painful, and has the potential to get even worse if left untreated. The good news is that when it comes to treating strep throat and its symptoms, there are a number of natural and supplemental remedies which can be effective.

What is Strep Throat?

Strep throat, properly known as streptococcal pharyngitis, is a bacterial throat infection that affects the pharynx, larynx, and the tonsils, per It leads to a sore and scratchy throat, and often to a variety of worse symptoms. While a sore throat is not an uncommon symptom, strep throat accounts for only a small portion of cases of sore throat, per If strep throat is indeed the culprit, then a variety of other symptoms can occur, including pain when swallowing, rash, fever, headache, and body ache. In addition to the felt symptoms of strep, other noticeable signs include swelling and reddening of the tonsils and formation of white spots at the back of the mouth, per If you experience one or more of the above symptoms, then it is critical you visit your doctor; Chances are they will prescribe an antibiotic if you are diagnosed with strep throat. Untreated strep throat, however, can lead to kidney inflammation, rheumatic fever, and even a form of arthritis known as poststreptococcal reactive arthritis, per

Potential Remedies for Symptoms of Strep

Consulting a doctor should be step No. 1 if you have, or even think you might have, strep throat. This infection is serious enough that medical attention is warranted and necessary to prevent it from worsening. But during your period of recovery, it can be worthwhile to try one or more natural remedies that can help lessen the symptoms of strep throat. Fenugreek is a plant whose seeds are known for their benefit in soothing a sore and/or rashed throat, per Fenugreek extract supplements may also be effective. When diluted in water and consumed, fenugreek produces mucilaginous secretion that creates a slippery and viscous film on the respiratory passage, per They recommend using this solution twice a day to assuage a sore throat. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FENUGREEK PRODUCTS Onions are a cheap and perhaps unexpected way to help assuage some of the milder symptoms of strep throat. Per, onions are useful because of their antiseptic and antibacterial properties. There are a variety of ways to consume onions, but the recommended way is to grate them, and add the resulting onion juice to water, and gargle it in your throat for a short while. Echinacea is an herb which has the potential to work as an immune booster, per Hence its potential in lessening the effects of a bacterial infection such as strep throat, by keeping bacteria from entering healthy cells. It also has the potential to lessen the sore throat and aches caused by strep, and lessen the inflammation in the throat and tonsils. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR ECHINCEA PRODUCTS Salt water, or saline solution, is also helpful in more ways than one. Per, gargling warm saline solution in your throat twice a day can be effective in treating both the pain and irritation that occurs from strep throat, as well as the white spots that might have appeared on the tonsils due to the infection. Vitamin C is a natural and absolutely necessary vitamin. Per, consuming a generous amount of vitamin C can be extremely helpful in warding off an oncoming infection such as strep throat, and lessening the symptoms of an already occurring infection. Vitamin C is commonly available in supplement form. The recommended dose is 1000mg per day for an oncoming infection, and up to 4000mg a day for an ongoing infection. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR VITAMIN C PRODUCTS Raw honey is another food thought to help alleviate the symptoms from strep throat. Per, consumption of raw honey helps foster an increase of antioxidants in the body, which can help to combat the effects of a bacterial infection. Additionally, the thick consistency of honey can be helpful in soothing a sore throat. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR HONEY/JELLY PRODUCTS Essential oils are touted for a variety of health benefits, and alleviating the sore throat and irritation that comes with strep throat is one of them. Per, lemon oil, thyme oil, and peppermint oil all have the potential to help in various ways. There is scientific evidence showing that both lemon oil and thyme oil are potentially effective in warding off bacterial infections. Peppermint oil contains menthol, which has cooling effects on both the throat and body, which can be useful for the fever and sore throat that occur during a strep throat infection. This is just a few of the natural and supplemental remedies which may be effective for a sore throat.

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