8 Great Ways to Negate Nausea

8 Great Ways to Negate Nausea

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Sep 3rd 2020

We all know the dreadful, uncomfortable sensation of nausea. It is a feeling like no other, yet it is one we are built to experience and handle. Nausea is the uncomfortable feeling that typically precedes vomiting, something your body does as a defense mechanism against unwanted bacteria. However, nausea comes about in reaction to other stimuli as well. Unless your body is rejecting something that it needs to expel, the feeling of nausea is often just not worth it. At all. Not all of the reasons for nausea justify enduring it. Per, nausea can come about as a side effect to many medical treatments such as chemotherapy, certain cardiovascular medications, and recovery from some surgeries. In most cases where someone is experiencing nausea, they will seek methods to avoid this uncomfortable feeling. If you or someone you know is liable to experience nausea, then some of the following actions and methods should help in warding off this unpleasant feeling:

Easy Methods to Help Alleviate Nausea

Breath exercises: To relieve nausea through something as simple as breath exercises, there is a movement towards using natural techniques to alleviate various symptoms and illnesses. Nausea is no exception. According to, one group of scientists thought to consider this route only after testing for the ideal aromatherapy for those experiencing nausea, only to find that those with only a placebo experienced noticeable benefits. The benefits of controlled, relaxed breathing makes sense, since this is a relaxing activity to engage in. Eating the right foods can help reduce the chances of experiencing nausea, per If your nausea is due, even in part, to overeating, then lowering your portion sizes and meal frequency can reduce nausea. Avoiding foods that are greasy, spicy, and heavy in fat can make things easier on your stomach and reduce nausea as well. If you are experiencing illness that causes nausea, such as an infection, eating right in order can help avoid this yucky feeling. The right liquids: According to Cleveland Clinic, a small amount of clear, sweet liquids that are not too acidic can help alleviate nausea. This includes soda, orange juice, and Gatorade, and other juices. These sweet drinks, taken in relatively small amounts (and small sips) can help soothe your stomach and potentially cure your nausea. Water can help, too.

Supplements to Help Alleviate Nausea

Ginger is scientifically supported as an anti-nausea agent, per Various scientific studies have shown that ginger can act similarly to some anti-nausea medications. It is known to relieve nausea in various situations, including in women during pregnancy, and in individuals who are in chemotherapy. Vitamin B6 is also a common supplement known for its ability to treat nausea. According to, vitamin B6 is comparable to ginger in curing nausea in pregnant women. This vitamin has a number of other known health benefits as well, and is considered an essential vitamin. Whether you are concerned about nausea or not, vitamin B6 is good to have around. Cumin seeds, derived from the parsley family and distinct from the spice curcumin, is thought to work well as a digestive aid, and to help reduce indigestion which occurs as a byproduct of nausea. It is a carminal ingredient, meaning that it can help expel gas from the body, and in turn improve digestion and relieve correlating symptoms. Aromatherapy using peppermint or essential oils such as lemon oil is recommended by These are simple at-home remedies, both of which are supported by scientific evidence to help treat nausea. Peppermint is thought to help relieve your symptoms by helping to relax the stomach lining. It's been found to be potentially effective for various causes of nausea, including postoperative recovery, chemotherapy, and pregnancy. Lemon oil might be helpful for those experiencing nausea due to pregnancy and other causes, as well.

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