8 Natural Remedies for Sinus Pressure

8 Natural Remedies for Sinus Pressure

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Mar 4th 2021

Experiencing sinus pressure is common this type of year. Sinus pressure, often the result of an infection, can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, to say the least. Fortunately, there are a number of natural remedies to treat this usually non-severe symptom.

What Are the Causes of Sinus Pressure?

Per, there are a variety of causes for the occurrence of sinus pressure. Before we explain them, it's important you know what exactly sinus pressure is. The feeling of pressure in the nasal passages is a result of inflammation, which usually happens as the nasal passages produce mucus to get rid of the causes of irritation, often an allergen. Sinus pressure is often the result of an infection. Per, the typical infections that cause sinus pressure are the common cold and the seasonal flu. A sinus infection can also occur as a seasonal allergic reaction. As your body works to collect and clear itself of the germs that comprise the infection, inflammation and mucus production occur and along with them plenty of discomfort.

Natural Remedies & Supplements

  • Turmeric is a spice that has many remedying uses, and its effectiveness in fighting a sinus infection and clearing up inflammation is one of them, per The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Turmeric is effective because it has antibacterial, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cinnamon also has a variety of uses as a natural remedy, and might be effective in treating sinus pressure that occurs due to colds, per This is because cinnamon has both antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is worth noting that cinnamon might also be effective in treating a cough and sore throat. Cinnamon can be found in many forms, including as a supplement.
  • Ginger is another plant-based home remedy that can be useful for relieving the mucus-producing aspect of sinus inflammation, per Ginger can be found in natural form as well as in supplement form. It is effective because it contains certain oils known as expectorants, which help to prevent mucus secretion in one's cells.
  • Probiotics have the potential to help cure the presence of chronic sinusitis (sinus pressure) in patients. While probiotic bacteria have many health benefits, the specific bacteria advantageous in fighting chronic sinusitis is lactobacillus sakei, per This probiotic can be naturally found in some foods, such as kimchi, and in some probiotic supplements.
  • Bromelain has the potential to relieve sinus pressure that occurs due to inflammation, per This naturally occurring enzyme is found in pineapples, and is also available in supplement form. It is important that you consult your doctor before taking this supplement, as it is known to thin the blood, and it might interact with other medications.

Actionable Remedies for Sinus Pressure

  • Applying a warm compress to your nasal area has the potential to directly relieve the symptoms of a sinus infection, including pressure and inflammation, per Keeping the nasal passages moist is helpful in relieving the symptoms of a sinus infection. Breathing in the steamy air from a hot, wet towel for 3 or so minutes at a time can be of great benefit.
  • Staying hydrated is another essential and effective way to help deal with sinus pressure, per Once again, this is because staying hydrated – such as by sipping water throughout the day – helps keep the sinus passageways moist.
  • Using a saline solution, or more specifically flushing the nasal passages with a saline solution, can help thin mucus, so that it clears out better, per A typical means of applying saline solution is by using a neti pot to pour saline solution through and out of the nasal cavity, although this can be uncomfortable for some people. If that's the case, then a saline spray can be just as effective.

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