A-to-Z Guide for Navigating a Healthy 2021 Part 4

A-to-Z Guide for Navigating a Healthy 2021 Part 4

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Sep 8th 2021

Consult your Doctor

The following supplements can provide a wide variety of benefits. While they all have their potential uses, some are more thoroughly backed by science than others. Always speak to your doctor before trying a new supplement, or incorporating one into your health regime.

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Chlorella is derived from the Chlorella vulgaris plant, and contains chlorella, chlorophyll, and some protein. Chlorella has a variety of uses, including the ability to remove heavy metal toxins from the body, such as excess mercury from fish. Studies also show that it correlates with improved immune system functioning when taken regularly. Turmeric is an immensely beneficial herb. It has a long history of use in eastern medicine, and is now widely regarded in the west for its benefits. Turmeric's foremost benefits are the ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body, reduce symptoms of arthritis, and improve cognition. Uva ursi is a shrub with multiple uses, its two active ingredients are arbutin and hydroquinone. Uva ursi has the potential to bolster diuretic health, both by fostering healthy urine production and easing urinary tract infections. This includes urinary tract infections such as cystitis and nephritis. Additionally, it has antimicrobial properties, so it might also be useful in preventing E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and other infections. This herb is contained in our Formula K-U 2171 supplement. Vinpocetine is a man-made over-the-counter supplement. It has a variety of potential uses. The foremost potential benefit of vinpocetine is the ability to help prevent cognitive decline that occurs due to dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Additionally, there is evidence to suggest that it might help improve memory, as well as improve vision in those with macular degeneration. Wormwood is derived from a plant known as Artemisia absinthium that is native to the U.S., Europe, and other parts of the world. It is known for its ability to help fend off parasites, such as tapeworms, roundworms, and even malaria. Yellow dock is an herb with the ability to potentially help purify and cleanse your blood. Correspondingly, it helps to slow down damage from oxidation and free radicals. Yellow dock can be found in our Blood Blend SP-11A supplement. Zinc is a trace mineral that is found in some foods, but is worth supplementing with. Those who eat a healthy and balanced diet are likely to get enough, but if you don't, then you risk not getting enough zinc and that can present some issues. Zinc is extremely useful to the body, because it helps support proper immune function, proper sense of taste and smell, proper wound healing, and a range of other functions.

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