Alleviate Bronchitis with These OTC Remedies

Alleviate Bronchitis with These OTC Remedies

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Apr 6th 2021

Getting sick is never fun. But aside from serious illness, almost nothing will beat you down like a bad cough. Bronchitis is known for the constant and often painful coughing it causes even after the infection has left the body. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best over-the-counter remedies to combat the pain and longevity of coughing due to bronchitis.

Do Over-The-Counter Remedies Work?

In short, yes. However, it's a matter of using the right ones, and keeping in mind that they don't all do the same thing. Some strategies, such as using cough medicine, might give relief when the coughing becomes unbearable (or if you just need to sleep), but it will not help you to get rid of the cough. Coughing from bronchitis is painful, but it occurs because the mucus which has built up in the lungs needs to be expelled, per On the other hand, certain supplements and home remedies can be effective in combating irritation or rough coughing without obstructing the recovery process. Since preventing coughing from occurring isn't a real solution, some of the remedies listed here actually make getting rid of mucus easier. Supplements and remedies that do this are called expectorants.

Simple Supplements for Prevention & Relief

Vitamin D, as our foremost over-the-counter supplement on this list, is known for its potential in preventing bronchitis and other upper respiratory tract infections, per Those low in Vitamin D have been shown to be at significantly higher risk of contracting bronchitis. If you think you might be at risk of contracting bronchitis, or you just want to be safe, consider incorporating a vitamin D supplement into your health regiment. Cold medicine designed to help get rid of mucus is a go-to for treating coughing. If your cough lasts more than a few days, then this may prove handy for expediting the recovery process. This is because it will help you get rid of mucus easier. However, per, expectorants such as Robitussin or its alternatives are not a cure for bronchitis, but they can bring some relief and make the coughing easier on you.

Other Remedies for Coughing

Cough drops are an age-old solution for easing the pain that comes with coughing. Per, cough drops don't prevent coughing, because they're designed to just make this action easier on you. Cough drops are soothing to the throat. Many contain menthol, an ingredient which gives a cooling feeling in the throat that can be a temporary but welcome respite from pain and soreness. Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil touted for its ability to help bring relief to the congestion and coughing of bronchitis, per It is recommended that you put some eucalyptus oil in a steaming bowl of water and inhale it gently. Eucalyptus oil can be found in our Arbor oil formula, available for sale here on our website. Licorice root can assist in alleviating a number of health issues and has shown success in relieving coughs and acting as an expectorant. Drinking lots of fluids can be helpful in thinning out the mucus in the lungs, per When this happens, the mucus might become easier to cough up and get rid of. Plus, consuming a generous amount of fluids is healthy anyways, in that it keeps you hydrated as you recover. Saltwater, or more particularly gargling saltwater, can be useful in diminishing the coughing from bronchitis. Per, gargling salt water a few times a day helps to get rid of excess mucus, which can bring some relief. Doing so has the additional benefit of possible reducing the future incidence of respiratory infection, as well.

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