An Overview of EDTA

An Overview of EDTA

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Jul 17th 2016

It's hard to enjoy life without a healthy heart. EDTA, or Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, is a colorless, water-soluble solid that helps keep your heart healthy. At Wonder Labs, we call it "nature's plaque scrubber," an amino polycarboxylic acid that helps support healthy heart artery and blood vessel function. Additionally, it aids in:
  • Removing certain heavy metals
  • Chelation therapy
In fact, since it can identify and remove certain unwanted metals, EDTA has been used to treat lead poisoning since the 1950s.


Q: When should you take EDTA? A: It's best if you take EDTA by itself, at least 2 hours apart from any other supplements or meals. This is because EDTA will bind to other supplements before it finds what you want it to look for, making it counterproductive. Q: How much EDTA should I take? A: No more than 1800 mg a day, or (typically) 3 capsules. Q: Any other supplement recommendations while taking EDTA? A: Since EDTA may deplete levels of important vitamins and minerals, supplementing your diet with a daily multi-vitamin is recommended. Consider taking Wonder Labs' Multivitamin VM-26. Take the vitamin about 2-4 hours before or after you take EDTA. Q: How long should I take EDTA? A: Taking 2-3 capsules a day for ten days equals one intravenous session. However, it should be taken in cycles of 6 weeks on them and then two weeks off. This is because it will provide your body with time to recover on its own. Need help getting rid of unwanted metals in your system? Consider taking EDTA.

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