Berberine Activates the Enzyme AMPK

Berberine Activates the Enzyme AMPK

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Feb 1st 2017

AMPK and the role berberine plays in activating this all important enzyme. In order to understand Berberine, and why it is now vying for a position as one of the most powerful supplements in the world, it's important to understand adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase, or AMPK. AMPK is an enzyme inside your body's cells. It is sometimes called a "metabolic master switch" because it plays such an important role in regulating metabolism. AMPK induces an avalanche of events inside our cells that are all involved in maintaining energy homeostasis. AMPK regulates an array of biological activities that normalize lipid, glucose, and energy imbalances. Berberine has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immune-enhancing properties. It's effective against a wide range of bacteria, protozoa, and fungi. It can be used topically on cuts and other wounds, and it's perhaps most commonly used to treat gastrointestinal issues, including traveller's diarrhea and that from food poisoning. New research is uncovering (and what traditional medicine has likely known for centuries) that the benefits of Berberine extend far beyond its antimicrobial properties. In recent years, the botanical extract berberine has been pushed from relative obscurity to front and center on our supplement shelves due to newly published research. Numerous studies on Berberine have been done over the last several years. These studies reveal that Berberine may have clinical applications in a range of conditions. Studies confirm berberine works as well as Metformin for Diabetes. Berberine helps with weight loss, It's beneficial for diabetes and weight control… and it appears berberine is beneficial for heart health, too. Part of the benefit likely comes from the compound's role in keeping blood sugar levels and obesity in check, both of which can raise your risk of heart disease. Berberine is at the top of our list of recommendations if you have diabetes, cardiovascular concerns, immune challenges, intestinal infections or just want an overall health supplement. There are plenty of other reasons like this, "10 Berberine Facts to Know" One impressive study on berberine, compared taking 500 milligrams of the berberine compound two to three times daily (1500mg) for three months, with taking the common diabetes drug metformin. Berberine was able to control blood sugar and lipid metabolism as effectively as metformin, with researchers describing berberine as a "potent oral hypoglycemic agent." Berberine and Resveratrol are two of just a few compounds known to activate AMPK.

However, not all berberine is created equal!

Our berberine formula is the most effective available. Research shows that 1,500 mg of Berberine daily supports normal fasting and postprandial blood glucose levels already in the normal range. A second double-blind, placebo-controlled study not only backed up the results from the previous study, but also suggests that it may help maintain normal lipid, LDL, and triglyceride levels.A more recent study establishes a role for berberine in regulating organismal energy balance, which may have potential therapeutic implications for the treatment of obesity. There seems to be no limit to the positive effect that berberine has on the body and our berberine delivers three key nutrients for healthy blood sugar and cholesterol support.*

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