5 Healthy Products to Stash in Your Glove Compartment

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Jul 8th 2024

It’s summer time, so you might find yourself traveling extra far and long during these months. Consider adding the following five supplements and products to your glove compartment to keep super handy, as they can keep you feeling fresh and/or healthy during your vacation journeys far from home.

Handy Supplements and Products for the Glove Compartment

When traveling via car, SUV, van or truck, we can be susceptible to certain lapses in preparedness to our daily rhythm, any of which could interrupt our health and wellbeing in minor ways. Here are five products which can assist you when traveling this summer by supporting energy, keeping you feeling good and fresh.

Antiseptic mouthwash: Every day is a good day to take care of your teeth. Enter mouthwash. Antiseptic mouthwash contains eucalyptol and alcohol, and its specific purpose is to stop bacterial growth in the mouth. Furthermore, antiseptic mouthwash is effective at preventing bad breath (halitosis). Keep antiseptic mouthwash nearby to help stay fresh and keep your mouth clean from unwanted bacteria. Others you run into on your trips will be grateful.

Lysine lip balm with SPF can protect your lips while traveling. Of course, lip balm helps prevent chapping of the lips, which keeps your lips comfortable and healthy. The lysine contained in lysine lip balm is effective at preventing and treating cold sores, which occur due to the herpes simplex 1 virus. The SPF in this product provides additional protection against UV rays that hit the lips while you are driving.

Magnesium is a crucial mineral, and it could be useful to you in more ways than one during road trips. First, magnesium is necessary for the body’s cells to produce energy because it binds to cellular ATP and enables it to be utilized. This could be helpful if you’re very active while traveling and are prone to tiredness on long drives. Separately, research suggests that upping magnesium intake can prevent motion sickness. This could include car sickness.

Curcumin, the active ingredient in the herb turmeric, could be useful for those whose joints might ache because of the ergonomics of long-distance driving. For some, the joints can become inflamed and achy when in the same position for a suspended period of time. Curcumin can alleviate this inflammation, support joint health, and prevent creaky, achy joints during and after long drives.

Melatonin could be just the thing to help you regulate your sleep-wake cycle during traveling. This is especially the case if you’re crossing one or more time zones. Traveling could also disrupt sleep because of anxiety or other factors, such as staying in motels or hotels that are not as familiar as home sweet home. Melatonin should be able to help you sleep in such environments.

Don’t travel unprepared. Consider keeping one or more of the aids discussed here for their nutritional and functional value. It’s recommended that you talk to your doctor before taking any supplement for the first time.

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