A Look at Four Fabulous Fruit-Derived Supplements

A Look at Four Fabulous Fruit-Derived Supplements

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Jul 8th 2024

Fruits are one of the healthiest food genres for humans to eat. This is, in large part, due to the content of nutrients, enzymes and other natural substances that fruits contain. Here, we look at four fruit-derived supplements which are rich in beneficial properties to human health.

Fruits in Supplement Form

There are a wide variety of fruits that exist for human consumption. Fruits contain a rich variety of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other substances. As a result, fruits bring major benefits to the table. These include their antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties, the ability to nourish the skin, and more. Some fruits are so rich in these properties that they are esteemed by dieticians and health-conscientious eaters for them. It is these fruits, such as blueberries, that are commonly found in concentrated supplement form.

There are some basic advantages to taking a fruit-derived supplement. First, the beneficial molecules found in fruits are preserved when they are extracted and placed into an oral supplement, thereby greatly extending the shelf life of these natural nutrients. Next, a fruit supplement could be preferred over the fruit itself based on eating preferences. For example, some picky eaters might prefer a bromelain supplement over eating pineapple. Lastly, it is simply more convenient to consume the antioxidant nutrients of a fruit supplement, rather than taking the time to eat a whole piece of fruit.

Four Fantastic Fruit-Derived Supplements

Some of us like fruit, and some of us don’t. But, the nutritious benefits of some fruits is simply undeniable– It is these fruits that are made into a concentrated supplement form. Here are four of the best fruit-derived supplements offered for your consumption.

Acai is a fruit known for its antioxidant content and is deemed by some as a “superfood” due to its nutrient content. The antioxidant substances in acai are called proanthocyanidins. Other nutrients in acai include calcium, vitamin A, and fatty acids. Unfortunately, acai fruit has a very short shelf life. For this reason, acai is commonly consumed in supplement form or other alternative forms in America. Scientific studies have linked acai supplementation with mitigation of the progression of Parkinson’s disease, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Acai can also contribute to heart health as well as reduce liver inflammation.

Blueberry extract: Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory anthocyanins, and a healthy flavanol called quercetin. Blueberry extract is highly regarded for its potential to reduce the risk of heart disease and diminish high blood pressure and cholesterol. Diabetic individuals could see an improvement in glucose management by taking blueberry extract. Furthermore, evidence suggests that taking blueberry extract could improve memory in older adults.

Bilberry extract: Bilberries are extremely similar to blueberries and are referred to as “European blueberries” by some. Like blueberries, bilberries are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Scientific study has attributed specific potential benefits to taking a bilberry supplement. These include reduced eye dryness and irritation during the day, enhanced long-term memory in older adults, and the ability to reduce chronic colon inflammation in those with ulcerative colitis.

Bromelain is a unique and healthy mixture of enzymes derived from pineapple. Among the enzymes in bromelain are proteinases and proteases, which break down proteins in the body. Bromelain can effectively reduce inflammation. As a result, supplementing with bromelain could potentially reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, according to scientific study. It could also reduce the sinus inflammation when it occurs, thereby improving nasal breathing during a sinusitis infection.

Fruit is great, but for whatever reason, you might not eat nearly enough of it as you’d like. Taking one or more of these fruit-derived supplements is an excellent way to gain the antioxidant and nutrient content of some of the healthiest fruits. Talk to your healthcare provider before taking any new supplement.

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