An Introduction to 5 Important “I” Supplements

An Introduction to 5 Important “I” Supplements

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Mar 31st 2024

The range of supplements we offer is numerous, and they are widely varied in their benefits and applications. Given the wide variety of products we offer, here we bring 5 important supplements to your attention, which have one theme in common: They all start with the letter “I.”

Five Important “I” Supplements and Their Benefits

Inositol is a nutrient which occurs naturally in the body and in nature, and is also available as a dietary supplement. The body produces inositol by breaking down glucose, and it contributes to bodily processes such as neurotransmitter functioning. The most popular supplemental form of this nutrient is myo-inositol, typically in powder form. Myo-inositol is the form which most actively helps the use and transport of glucose. For this reason, myo-inositol could reduce the body’s resistance to insulin, making it potentially helpful to those with diabetes or metabolic disorder. Research shows that myo-inositol could also help treat anxiety disorders such as OCD and panic disorder.

Iodine is an essential mineral which the body requires for proper thyroid functioning. Without iodine, the thyroid could not produce the primary hormones responsible for regulating the metabolism, producing various enzymes, and enabling cells to produce proteins. Those with hypothyroidism could benefit from taking a reasonable dosage of iodine, such as an iodine from kelp supplement. Iodine supplementation could be crucial for some mothers, since iodine is necessary for proper fetal development, and growth in children.

Iron: Ironis vital for the production of hemoglobin, a substance which transports oxygen via the blood. Chelated iron is a form of iron which, taken as a supplement, can both treat and prevent low iron levels in the blood. This includes low iron levels due to iron anemia, and because of pregnancy. It’s important to stick to the recommended dosage when supplementing with iron.

Ipriflavone is a substance made from soy, and it is useful for building strong bones and working against osteoporosis. It is specifically useful for preventing osteoporosis in older women, and preventing osteoporosis resulting from certain medications. Ipriflavone can also reduce bone loss due to chronic kidney disease, and other disabling medical conditions. This supplement is most supportive to the bones when paired with calcium, which is a crucial mineral for bone health. For this reason, ipriflavone and calcium are often combined into a single supplement.

IP-6, short for inositol hexaphosphate, is an alternative form of inositol with different potential applications from myo-inositol. IP-6 can be useful in supporting the immune system, reducing the risk of heart disease, and preventing kidney stones. Some studies have also shown that IP-6 can help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients.

Each of these “I” supplements could prove important to your health regime, or that of a family member. Some of these can have interactions with certain medications, so talk to your healthcare provider before taking any of these for the first time.

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