Eight Nutrients That Enhance Endurance in Athletes

Eight Nutrients That Enhance Endurance in Athletes

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Apr 13th 2024

Engaging in endurance exercise places unique demands on the body. Here we take a quick look at the unique physiological ramifications of endurance exercise, and we discuss eight supplements that can suit the needs of those who choose to partake of them.

The Effects of Endurance Exercise on the Body

Endurance exercise, or aerobic exercise, is any form of exercise which increases breathing and heart rate. Common types include jogging, walking, and swimming. Many sports are either utilize endurance training or require it to a significant degree.

Engaging in endurance exercise provides key health benefits. Regular exercise improves the cardiorespiratory and circulatory systems, improves overall fitness, and contributes to a reduced risk of long-term disease.

Note, though, that endurance training strains and trains the body’s ability to endure fatigue, usually in sport-specific ways. General endurance, which would carry over to multiple forms of endurance exercises, is also improved by regular endurance training.

The body is forced to adapt as a result of endurance exercise. The primary adaptations are improvements to musculoskeletal strength and fitness and various cardiovascular adaptations that improve cardiac output and efficiency.

Nutrition and recovery are both central in order for the body to gain fitness and continue performing exercise. Recovery is necessary for the body to adapt. Nutrition, especially the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, provides energy for exercise. Adequate intake of protein and the other macronutrients, as well as minerals and micronutrients, provide all the nutrients for muscles, blood vessels, and other organ systems to adapt.

Products Which Enable Endurance in Athletes

Vitamins and minerals are crucial for those who engage in endurance exercise. Here are eight micronutrient supplements which enable athletes to perform and recover well:

B vitamins: There are multiple B vitamins and all are necessary for proper metabolism. They enable the processing of carbs into energy. A B-vitamin complex supplement is helpful. B12 is one of the most indispensable B vitamins.

Calcium is crucial for strong bones and muscles. Consuming enough calcium has a very strong correlation with reduced risk of injury in athletes.

Vitamin D is vital for many reasons. Perhaps the most crucial benefit to endurance athletes is vitamin D’s role in enabling the absorption of calcium. For this reason, vitamin D is known to contribute to bone strength in endurance athletes, which is crucial for impact sports such as running.

Vitamin K2 is an accessible and beneficial form of vitamin K in that it has been shown to contribute to improved fitness in endurance athletes. Studies show that supplementing with vitamin K2 over a period of 4-8 weeks correlates with improved cardiac output, as well as improved heart rate and lactate threshold. It also benefits arterial metabolism, which enables the body to continue engaging in endurance exercise.

Vitamin E contributes to the growth and repair of cells, and is necessary for muscle function. Some studies suggest that vitamin E is specifically helpful for endurance athletes during recovery.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a crucial enzyme that works in the mitochondria of cells, where energy is produced. Low CoQ10 levels are associated with increased fatigue. Research suggests that supplementing with CoQ10 will make up for this deficiency, and it could increase physical performance and subjective fatigue in athletes.

Creatine is a compound which could improve muscular strength in endurance athletes. Research suggests it could also improve focus and endurance.

Vitamin A can support bone health and immunity in athletes. If jogging, walking, and/or swimming are a regular practice for you, then consider taking one or more of these nutrient supplements as part of your daily regimen to support endeavor. It’s recommended that you talk to your healthcare provider before taking any supplement.

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