Five Fabulous “F” Supplements That Shouldn’t Fail You

Five Fabulous “F” Supplements That Shouldn’t Fail You

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Feb 12th 2024

It can take time and searching to find the right supplement(s) to meet your health needs. For the sake of mixing things up and showing a variety of supplements with different benefits, here are four supplements with one theme in common: they start with an “F” but rate an “A” in our book.

Five Fabulous “F” Supplements

Fenugreek is an herb with a potent taste that is both sweet and bitter. Taken as a supplement, fenugreek can be helpful for people with type II diabetes. Studies show that taking fenugreek can help manage blood sugar levels, and reduce negative low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol. Secondarily, other research indicates that fenugreek might support testosterone production, and help elevate mood and mental alertness in men, as a result.

Feverfew is a flowering plant which has been used for centuries to alleviate migraine headaches. For this reason, it has a nickname as “the medieval aspirin.” Studies in recent years have shown that feverfew can reduce both the severity and intensity of migraines. Feverfew’s ability to do this is because it contains compounds known as parthenolide and tanetin. These compounds reduce the production of prostaglandins, which are molecules that cause the inflammation which leads to a migraine.

Fish oil is renowned for being choc-full of omega-3 fatty acids, namely docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Omega-3 fatty acids can help regulate blood pressure, as well as regulate cholesterol and blood triglyceride levels. This combination of benefits can meaningfully contribute to a reduced long-term risk of heart disease.

Flavonoids, specifically citrus bioflavonoids, can work against cardiovascular disease, and improve the health of those with diabetes. Bioflavonoids can reduce the incidence and progression of cardiovascular disease by combating oxidative stress, reducing inflammation, and lowering arterial blood pressure. These bioflavonoids can also help diabetic individuals by increasing glucose tolerance, glucose sensitivity, and regulating glucose in other ways as well.

Flaxseed oil is made from ground and pressed flaxseeds. It contains fiber, omega fatty acids, and other healthy natural compounds. Studies show that flaxseed oil can help relieve constipation. It can also contribute to reduced inflammation and severity of symptoms in those with inflammatory bowel disease. Lastly, the natural compounds in flaxseed oil can contribute to improved heart health, similar to fish oil.

These aforementioned “F” supplements each have fabulous benefits that are applicable to many people, likely including you. Consider how each of these could help you. It’s recommended that you talk to your healthcare provider first before taking any of these supplements for the first time or going ahead and adding them to your daily regimen.

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