Stifle Snoring with These Four Natural Remedies

Stifle Snoring with These Four Natural Remedies

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Apr 13th 2024

Snoring is so common that you might hear family members snore, or perhaps you snore so much that it disrupts your sleep, or that of your partner. If that’s you, then you might want to reduce your snoring. Here’s some info on snoring, and a look at four health products to reduce it.

Causes of Snoring

Snoring is not something we all experience equally. Snoring is the noises of grumbling, snorting, and/or rattling which some people experience while asleep, resulting from vibration of tissues in the airway. It is the result of an obstruction in the airway. Because of this, there is inherent value in mitigating snoring.

For many people, snoring is seldom or mild with no complications. One common cause of snoring is weak muscle tone in the throat or tongue, causing them to relax excessively at night, hence snoring. This is fairly common for all ages, but is more common in the elderly because of a decrease in muscle tone. The airways can also be obstructed by nasal congestion, a deviated septum, or enlarged tonsils. Obesity, alcohol consumption, and smoking are all linked to snoring, as are an assortment of other causes, as well.

In some cases, depending on the cause, snoring merits medical attention and even treatment. This is especially true in cases of sleep apnea. Severe long-term snoring could lead to certain health issues. Simple choices to curb snoring include changing your sleeping position and avoiding alcohol before bedtime.

Products to Stifle Snoring

Some herbs and vitamins have nutritive qualities that can reduce the bodily conditions that produce snoring. The use of a neti pot could also be effective against snoring. Take a look at how these methods could be of help:

Vitamin C supports the work of the immune system, such that it can better reduce inflammation in the nasal passages. By reducing inflammation, the mouth is less likely to gape open at night, something which causes the uvula to vibrate, causing snoring. For these reasons, vitamin C could be helpful against snoring during a sinus infection.

Fenugreek could be helpful specifically for reducing snoring which results from digestive issues. This herb contributes to improved stomach acid regulation, and snoring that results from indigestion. Fenugreek could also help those with sleep apnea and the snoring it causes.

Eucalyptus oil, when combined in small amounts with steaming water and gently inhaled, can clear inflamed nasal passages, and prevent snoring. The warmth, moisture, and qualities of eucalyptus all combine to produce this effect. This should be done carefully, using a pot safely in the kitchen, or by placing the use of a hot, soaked towel over the face.

The use of a neti pot could be of dramatic help in reducing snoring. A neti pot, which allows for easy nasal irrigation, is useful for the symptoms of sinus infections as well as the inflammation which causes them. The right combination of salts and water, utilized by way of a neti pot, can be of great help specifically for snoring which results from nasal inflammation. It can also be useful in reducing sleep apnea and associated snoring.

If you or a family member of your snores regularly and wants to reduce it, then consider these four remedies. It’s recommended that you talk to your healthcare provider before taking a supplement for the first time.

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