Supplements Which Support Energy and Overall Wellbeing

Supplements Which Support Energy and Overall Wellbeing

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Jul 8th 2024

In the course of daily life, many of us face obstacles which can impede our ability to maintain a robust energy level. Here, we explain why certain supplements can support your daily energy, and discuss six of the best vitamins, minerals, and herbs which do just that.

Energy and Nutrients

If you were to list all of your daily activities for today, both inside and outside the home, you might start contemplating whether you have enough energy to get them all done. While particularities could vary, having sufficient energy generally means to possess the vitality and ability to undertake all of your daily physical and intellectual engagements, as well as social relationships. The opposite of sufficient energy is fatigue, which is the sensation and/or state of lacking energy.

Studies conclude that a few common lifestyle factors can detract from robust daily energy. Such influences can include lack of sound or sufficient sleep, stress, and life worries. These exist in addition to the nutritional necessities for sound energy. These include not just sufficient caloric intake, but also sufficient and well-rounded nutrient intake. It is well-evidenced that frank nutrient deficiencies of one kind or another can cause fatigue and lethargy. Growing evidence says that this goes for marginal deficiencies as well. The use of supplemental nutrients can be used effectively to address many kinds of deficiencies and bolster daily energy levels.

‘Energetic’ Supplements

If you want to consume something that will boost your energy, health and convenience are the first two priorities. A nutrient or herbal supplement is often a more relaxed and more convenient option than drinking coffee, an unhealthy energy drink, or otherwise. Here are six of the best supplements for smoothly supporting daily energy:

Vitamin B12: This vitamin (and other B vitamins) works to produce energy from the macronutrients that you consume in your foods. It also prevents anemia and supports vascular health. Certain populations are at an increased risk of vitamin B12 deficiency, which could very well result in an energy deficiency. These include vegetarians and older Americans.

Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the transport of fatty acids into the energy-producing mitochondria within human cells. Without sufficient vitamin C, mitochondria cannot perform the work to produce energy as they should, leading to muscular fatigue. Taking vitamin C could support your energy, especially if you live an active lifestyle.

Magnesium: Like vitamin C, magnesium is crucial for cellular energy production. Magnesium molecules bind to molecules of ATP (the primary energy molecule produced within cells), in order for ATP to be utilized in the body. If you’re experiencing daily fatigue, consider increasing your magnesium intake

Selenium is a micronutrient which contributes to energy production. Supplementing with selenium has potential to support your daily energy, especially if you experience symptoms from a thyroid disorder.

Ginseng is an herb which comes in more than one variety, each of which has a history of use for supporting daily energy in a clean way. Panax ginsengis the most studied variety. Ginseng contains natural substances called ginsenosides and eleutherosides, which can reduce fatigue and increase mental alertness in people both old and young.

Ashwagandha has a history of traditional use, and a reputation in modern herbal medicine, for providing cognitive and physical benefits that make it easier to feel well and be productive on a daily basis. Improved alertness, memory, attention, and even cellular energy could all be gained from supplementing with the ashwagandha herb.

Improving your daily energy in a smooth and convenient way is entirely possible with any of the vitamins, nutrients, and herbs listed above. It’s recommended that you talk to your healthcare provider before taking any supplement for the first time.

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