Taking These “Pan” Supplements Could Pan Out Well For You

Taking These “Pan” Supplements Could Pan Out Well For You

Published by Wonder Laboratories on May 28th 2024

The prefix “pan-” is added to the start of the name of a certain few valuable supplements, and with different meanings behind its varied use. To get a look at these products, pan your attention to the information shown below, and decide if these could be of particular help to you.

Panax ginseng, sometimes called “Korean ginseng,” is an herb used medicinally, and is native to Korea, China, and Siberia. It is considered an adaptogen, meaning that it works in some way to help the body cope with stress. There is research to suggest that it benefits middle-aged individuals neurologically, resulting in improved cognition and reaction times, among other markers. Panax ginseng also has the potential to mitigate fatigue in those with multiple sclerosis.

Pancreatin is a supplement containing multiple digestive enzymes which the body typically produces within the pancreas. Taking pancreatin contributes to the breakdown of macronutrients (carbs, fats, proteins), as well as the absorption of both vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, research shows that taking pancreatin could mitigate pain and other symptoms associated with pancreatic insufficiency, a condition wherein the pancreas doesn’t produce certain enzymes as it should.

Pantothenic acid is another name for vitamin B5. It is crucial for bodily metabolism. Like the other B vitamins, pantothenic acid works as a coenzyme in the body, contributing to a litany of different chemical processes, many of which produce energy for cells to use. Vitamin B5 is extremely common, found in nearly all types of foods (hence “panto-” meaning “everywhere”), and there are very few deficiencies in vitamin B5 in the U.S. However, some research suggests that supplementing with pantothenic acid can contribute to healthier cholesterol levels.

Pantethine is a substance which is simply an active form of pantothenic acid. It has been studied and evaluated for its effect on reducing both cholesterol and triglyceride levels in those who have high cholesterol. These effects carry over into more positive outcomes for long-term heart and full-body health. Research suggests that taking pantethine could specifically help with the prevention of cataracts, circulatory issues related to diabetes, and other health concerns.

Considering these four “pan” supplements could easily play out in favor of your health, now and/or in the long term. Some of these can have interactions with certain medications, so it’s recommended that you talk to your healthcare provider before taking any of these supplements.

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