What Can Sytrinol Do for You and Your Health?

What Can Sytrinol Do for You and Your Health?

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Feb 4th 2024

Sytrinol is an under-appreciated supplement that can support heart health. Here is a look at the background of this supplement, and how it can work in the body to support your heart and long-term health.

What Is Sytrinol?

Sytrinol is a supplement which is recognized for its ability to manage cholesterol, and specifically to lower negative low-density-lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. In turn, Sytrinol supports the heart and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Sytrinol is a patented formula made from citrus and palm fruit extracts. It is presented as a healthy and worthy alternative to statin drugs. Statins are one of the standard medications which can effectively lower cholesterol, although sustained use of statins can possibly lead to detrimental side effects, which have been documented since the 1990s. These include an increased risk of cardiovascular disease which can outweigh the benefit of reducing cholesterol, as well as liver disease as well as a serious degenerative condition known as rhabdomyolysis.

Patented Sytrinol was developed and then first launched in 2002. Research on Sytrinol has been ongoing since then, and has been supportive of Sytrinol’s benefits to human health.

How Sytrinol Could Benefit You

The purposes of Sytrinol are to lower cholesterol and protect cardiovascular health. These two purposes go hand-in-hand, and both of them are supported by credible scientific research. It has been studied in both human and animal studies (the results of which often carry over to humans), with favorable outcomes for cholesterol management.

One early credible study examined the effects of Sytrinol in individuals with hyper-cholesterolemia (high cholesterol), ensuring that subjects’ health issues resulted from high cholesterol alone, and were taking only Sytrinol, in order to get valid results. The results of this study showed significant decreases in LDL cholesterol (-19%) and blood triglycerides (-24%) after four weeks. Meanwhile, healthy high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels remained stable.

Since then, other studies have shown similar results in reducing LDL cholesterol and blood triglycerides, as well as increases in positive HDL cholesterol in some instances. By managing cholesterol and blood triglycerides, Sytrinol is regarded as a valid means to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and risk of death from such diseases. Sytrinol is especially valuable because it is an excellent alternative to statins, which have long-known side effects.

If you or a family member have high cholesterol and want to reduce the risk of heart disease, then you should consider taking Sytrinol. Talk to your healthcare provider before taking this supplement for the first time.

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