Could You Have a Vitamin C Deficiency? Take this Quiz

Could You Have a Vitamin C Deficiency? Take this Quiz

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Sep 27th 2018

From repairing tissues to boosting the immune system, vitamin C plays a critical role in the human body. While vitamin C deficiencies aren't extremely common among most populations in the U.S. today, they can occur. Individuals most at risk for vitamin C deficiency include:
  • Individuals on a highly restrictive diet
  • Those with a drug or alcohol dependency
  • Low income individuals who may not purchase foods high in vitamin C
  • Individuals with a condition that impairs the body's ability to absorb nutrients in the digestive tract
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Smokers
It's important to note that you you don't necessarily have to fit into one of those categories to have a vitamin C deficiency. Take our quiz below to learn more…

Vitamin C Deficiency Quiz

  1. Do you have dry, damaged skin? Healthy skin is rich in vitamin C, which plays a key role in protecting the body from sun damage and pollutants. Healthy skin with sufficient vitamin C should produce plenty of collagen. If your skin is dry or damaged, it could be a sign of a vitamin C deficiency – though there are certainly other potential causes behind dry and damaged skin.
  2. Do you bruise easily? This is one of the earliest and most clear signs of a vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C, which promotes healthy levels of collagen, plays an essential role in repairing bruises (breaks in the blood vessels). Bruising easily could be a sign that vitamin C levels are deficient.
  3. Are your joints painful and swollen? Again, it all comes back to collagen. Collagen is a connective tissue found in joints. When there's a vitamin C deficiency, which reduces the presence of collagen, joints can become swollen and painful. In severe cases, there may even be bleeding in the joints, causing further pain.
  4. Are wounds slow to heal? Do you have a poor immune system? Slow-healing wounds may be observed further along in a vitamin C deficiency. Leg ulcers are a classic symptom of advanced vitamin C deficiency.
  5. Have you experienced unexplained weight gain? Did you know that vitamin C helps regulate the release of fat in the body? Patients with a vitamin C deficiency may experience unexplained weight gain. (Of course, weight gain can be associated with other causes.)
  6. Are you frequently fatigued? Finally, feeling tired and worn out is a classic early sign of a vitamin C deficiency. The good news is that fatigue caused by a vitamin C deficiency can oftentimes be resolved in just a few hours or days with a vitamin C supplement!
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