Discover More Productive Days with 3 Healthy Ways to Boost Energy Levels

Discover More Productive Days with 3 Healthy Ways to Boost Energy Levels

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Sep 27th 2016

Instead of reaching for energy drinks every couple of hours, many people are relying on 3 healthier standbys to get through their days — with enough energy to spare to finish up their evening routines. Better yet, these options could be easier on the budget. Take a look at these healthier alternatives to energy drinks. They could provide the extra boost needed to handle busy schedules that come with work, managing households, family, and other day-to-day activities.

Vitamin B12 Supports Energy Production

As more and more research comes out about Vitamin B, the more convinced experts are that it is essential for good health. Vitamin B12, in particularly, is one of the B vitamins known for helping the body convert the foods people eat into glucose, which provides the body with energy. Many people can get the amount of vitamin B12 needed to stay healthy from foods such as poultry, fish, and dairy products. However, some people don't absorb enough through those foods, or don't include foods high in vitamin B12 in their diets. Fortunately, vitamin B12 can be found in a supplemental form as well. As always, anyone considering adding a dietary supplement should consult with a physician first.

Gain More Energy With Exercise

When experiencing fatigue, the last thing many people may want to do is to think about exercising. However, that could be the very thing that's needed. Studies have shown it could be better than the nap most would prefer. Using energy through exercising regularly could pay off with higher energy levels in the long run. A new analysis by University of Georgia researchers finds overwhelming evidence that regular exercise plays a significant role in increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue.

Yes, Coffee Is Fuel For Energy

Yes, coffee is on the list although it has been given a bad reputation in the past. Recent studies beg to differ. According to Dr. Donald D. Hensrud of the Mayo Clinic, studies have shown that coffee appears to improve cognitive function and decrease the risk of depression. Although this is one of the first resources many people choose to aid in increasing energy, it's important not to drink more than one or two cups a day. And drinking coffee in the afternoon and evening can lead to restless nights. So go ahead and have that cup of Joe in the morning, but keep it to the minimum. There are many healthy ways for people to increase energy levels when feeling fatigued. And it looks like napping isn't always the best one. Try these out and see how they work.

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