Do Dogs Get Stressed Out?

Do Dogs Get Stressed Out?

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Nov 3rd 2016

Your furry friend might need your help. Your own daily life can be stressful. You might worry about new projects at work, how your kids are doing in school, or whether or not you left the stove on at home. Stress is a normal part of our lives, but it isn't limited to humans. Your pets also experience stress. Yes, man's best friend has more in common with you than you might think. Emotionally, they worry when you leave for the day, if they find themselves in an unfamiliar place, while they are weaning, or if they're undergoing demanding training. Your dog's stress can also be physical with causes ranging from growth, hard work, and vaccinations to injuries and illnesses. While puppies and older dogs are most susceptible to these stressors, all dogs suffer stress in some form. Fortunately, our furry friends are resilient. Dogs naturally produce Vitamin C to help their bodies defend against physical and emotional stress. But sometimes things can get a little overwhelming. In these instances, some extra Vitamin C won't go amiss. That's why Wonder Labs developed Pet Flex. This supplement contains glucosamine, chondroitin, and manganese to support your dog's body and joint strength with the added assistance of Vitamin C to reinforce their natural defenses. This is the vitamin in your morning orange juice, the one your doctor recommends when you're feeling rundown or sense a cold coming on. It plays a similar role in our canine friends. Vitamin C has been shown to have other benefits for dogs as well. While helping Spot recover from life's physical and emotional demands, it can also aid in the prevention of respiratory infections, kennel cough, bacterial infections, abscesses, and even cancer. Even if your pet doesn't noticeably suffer from Vitamin C depletion, starting him on a regular supplement schedule can help prepare him for a healthier future. Veterinarians tend to agree that supplements, like Pet Flex, consistently used throughout a dog's life often work better as preventative aids than when used to help treat symptoms after they've appeared. Our dogs can teach us a thing or two about staying upbeat even through stressful times. Let's return the favor by helping them protect their happy, active lifestyle for the future. You and your dog both get stressed out by life's ups and downs, but with Pet Flex you can show Spot you've got his back. Now, when you pour yourself a glass of orange juice in the morning, you can make sure your furry friend also gets the Vitamin C support he needs to help take on any stress that comes his way. Order your Pet Flex today. Sources:

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