Five Little-Known Supplements With Big-Time Benefits

Five Little-Known Supplements With Big-Time Benefits

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Jan 12th 2023

Anyone who has been working with or using dietary herbs and supplements for many years by now know which ones are the most popular and prominent on the marketplace. Those might include vitamin B12, vitamin C, berberine, turmeric, zinc, and echinacea that stand out as household names. But what about the hundreds you don't hear or read about as much, and yet merit some notoriety of their own? We start here with descriptions of five such underrated (or lesser-known) herbs/supplements we believe you should know more about. We'll shine the light on more of these in the months ahead.

It's Important to Know These Supplements!

If you are familiar with the real benefits of supplements, then you know that the ideal dietary supplement for you is determined by your needs. At the tail-end of this list, one product stands out from the rest, on account of its benefits to the four-legged creatures you might have in your household. Grape seed extract: In grapes, the part with the most nutrients is, in fact, the seed itself. Grape seeds are chock full of proanthocyanidins, which help produce positive benefits related to increased blood flow to the skin, as well as the regulation of high blood pressure. Grape seeds are also full of antioxidants, making them useful to prevent oxidative damage, such as arterial plaque build-up. This is an excellent supplement for aging people. Passionflower is a vine plant native to the southeastern U.S. as well as Central & South America. As a dietary supplement, it is best known for its uses in relieving anxiety, and promoting relaxation and sleep. Some people take passionflower to prevent insomnia. Passionflower has been shown to work as well as some prescription anti-anxiety medications for some people with an anxiety disorder. Additionally, passionflower is said to be specifically helpful in the context of treating anxiety in surgical patients before a procedure. It's recommended that you seek medical advice on taking this for anxiety. Proteolytic enzymes (PEs) digest and break down proteins into their separate parts, known as amino acids. While the body produces proteolytic enzymes, it's useful to consume them as part of your regular diet. Next to regularly eating pineapple and other select foods, a PE supplement is best. Increasing your intake of proteolytic enzymes can reduce digestive issues and inflammation, as well as pain and arthritis caused by inflammation. Super bee: Bees are valuable in helping to prop up the world's food supply, but the products harvested from bees can be of direct physiological benefit to you. Consuming bee-produced substances via a supplement is a terrific way to get these benefits. Bee propolis is sweepingly beneficial to the immune system, bolstering protection against yeast infections, colds & other infections, and parasites. Bee royal jelly has benefits for wound healing, and for women experiencing either PMS or menopause. A bee combination supplement can make a huge health difference for some! Slippery elm bark is a valuable byproduct of nature, and it has more than one healthful use for dogs. The bark of the slippery elm tree is harvested and made into a powdered supplement, and is useful when combined with water. This combination produces a lubricating gel that can help with gastroenteritis and other gastrointestinal issues in dogs. It is potentially useful as a topical applicant for wounds, as well. Talk to your veterinarian about the uses and dosage of slippery elm bark before giving it to your dog. These five supplements are underrated, healthy additives for those with certain needs. Talk to your medical care provider about the benefits any of these could have for you and/or your family. One or more of these could have real health benefits for you (or your dog!).

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