Five Natural Supplements that Can Work as Decongestants

Five Natural Supplements that Can Work as Decongestants

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Jan 31st 2022

Feelings and symptoms of congestion tend to occur during a variety of common minor illnesses. Fortunately, you can often remedy congestion with the right measures and natural remedies, in addition to over-the-counter medications. Here is a look at some of the natural means for curbing congestion due to minor illness.

Seasonal Allergies and Congestion

Congestion is a typical symptom of many minor illnesses. It is a distinct feeling of blockage in the nose, and often around the nose and below the eyes as well. It is the stuffy feeling of inflammation of the blood vessels in and around the nose. These illnesses include the common cold, seasonal flu (influenza), seasonal allergies (or allergic rhinitis), and others. Depending on the illness, your general health, and other factors, you have the potential to mitigate and even remedy congestion during these times. Over-the-counter meds bound for the treatment of congestion, and they come in various forms: pills, liquid form, and nasal sprays and drops. These treatments can be quite effective for some people, but must not be used longer than three days, generally speaking; This could lead to increased congestion after you cease using them.

Natural Strategies to Relieve Congestion

A variety of natural remedies for congestion have been used historically, having been proven worthwhile. While these are safe and minor in their effect, we recommend that you speak to your doctor about a supplement before adding it to your routine. Menthol is a natural chemical common in breath mints, and it's good for relieving feelings of stuffiness. This derivative of peppermint oil doesn't actually relieve congestion, but it helps bring physical relief to the congested area by stimulating the nerve receptors in the nose. It does not actually increase airflow, but the nerve stimulation produces a cold feeling that is refreshing and brings relief. Garlic can be very useful for alleviating congestion, because it actually does reduce inflammation in the nose. It's rich in various vitamins, and it has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as a result. Garlic is available in many forms, and can of course be eaten; Garlic is also commonly available as an oral supplement. Vitamin C is regarded for its ability to help reduce the symptoms and severity of the common cold. This is a known benefit of vitamin C. But, on the other hand, direct congestion relief is not. Hot tea of almost any kind has the potential to help relieve feelings of stuffiness. Peppermint tea is perhaps the best and most commonly recommended tea to help relieve stuffiness, and even mitigate congestion. Steam, and/or a hot shower, can potentially bring relief from decongestion. Inhaling steam is of direct benefit in that it loosens up mucus and increases the propensity to dispel it. Heat and moisture loosens up mucus, and also helps to clear out foreign agents such as dust and pollen. In the chance that you get sick this winter or spring, whether it's from the cold, the flu, or seasonal allergies, you would likely encounter decongestion. Natural relief from decongestion is possible, and perhaps even more effective than over-the-counter-medications. With even one or two of the above remedies, you might find relief from congestion.

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