Healthy Eating Tips For The Holidays

Healthy Eating Tips For The Holidays

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Dec 18th 2014

Our definition of splurge is turned upside down during the holidays. This is the time when we spend a little more on the ones we love, pay it forward in bigger ways to honor others, bend the rules to let the kids have one more cookie or stay up a little later, and indulge in all things delicious, from baked goods to chocolate and candies. While this time of year is the perfect reason to celebrate, we have a few tips to help you stay near the track instead of getting off of it completely! Be True to Sweat Time: You may want to sidestep your morning run or trip to the gym, but as you change your eating and sleeping habits, regular exercise is more important than ever. Instead of skipping exercise, try shortening the time, or do something completely different. Go for a family walk after a meal, or try your relative's workout. Keep moving - you'll be happy about it in the long run. Start a Veggie Tradition: Holiday meals are all about traditions, so if your family likes those dishes heavy on the butter, cream, and other calorie-intense ingredients, start a new tradition by offering to bring a light veggie side. Another idea is to bring your own personal serving of raw veggies (carrots, broccoli, and celery are great examples) and eat them before the meal. This practice helps you stave off hunger with healthy, low-calorie foods so you'll likely consume less. Another bonus is that raw vegetables are filled with nutrients and also provide a portion of your daily fiber. For additional assistance with green foods, try supplements such as Green Tea Extract with EGCG , which provides powerful antioxidants; and Vegetable Essentials Extract, which provides phytonutrients from a blend of vegetables. Welcome Water: Be sure to get your daily does of water. This may seem like a simplistic reminder, but many people forget to drink up when they're out of their normal routine. Water hydrates and fills you up, and it helps to flush out those foods that you love, but aren't necessarily the best for your health. Schedule Your Supplements: Taken as part of a healthy diet, natural supplements can help curb cravings, regulate and break down sugars, boost your metabolism, increase energy, and help to keep your body in prime working order. Here are some of the most popular supplements for weight balance and maintenance at Wonder Labs:
  • Pyruvate, a naturally-occurring carb found in apples and cheeses, helps with regulating your metabolic rate. Pyruvate 1000 also has ChromeMate and Citrimax to assist with increasing metabolism.
  • Super Guarana is linked to promoting energy and weigh loss.
This holiday season, make your health a priority. Enjoy the wonder, excitement, great times, and good food of the season while remembering the importance of health and wellness. From all of us at Wonder Labs: Happy healthy holidays! Let Wonder Labs assist you with the vitamins and nutritional supplements you need to support your health and wellness goals. Visit our online marketplace for products, or contact us for more information. You can also Like and Follow us on Facebook.

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