How and What Wonder Labs Does to Support Earth Day Every Day

How and What Wonder Labs Does to Support Earth Day Every Day

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Apr 23rd 2016

Since 1962, Wonder Labs has been helping people live with wonder by offering natural nutritional products. Today, Wonder Labs is one of America's top leaders in the nutritional field. As part of our mission for providing natural supplements, we are also dedicated to powering our facilities by using as much natural and solar energy as possible. On Earth Day, we especially remember this mission because we know we are protecting where we call home: Earth. What defines our company is not what we say, but what we actually do. It's always been our belief that being in business means more than just selling nutrition. It also means taking care of the environment where we conduct our business. We are proud of what we have done so far to help achieve our goal of being 100% green. Here are a few ways we help support the environment:
  • We have installed one of the largest solar panel systems in the state of Tennessee. It produces enough clean electrical power from the sun to totally power our offices and manufacturing facility. We are producing 100% Plus enough to actually put back power into the grid.
  • We recycle all aluminum cans and remove the pull tabs from each can. The pull tabs are donated to the Ronald McDonald Charities to financially help families be at their children's side during trying medical times.
  • We recycle all plastic we use and receive.
  • We recycle all cardboard and paper we use.
Most of all, all of us are 100% committed to recycling because we know we are the caretakers of our planet and NOT the owners of it. Happy Earth Day! Help us celebrate all year round by recycling and using natural energy when possible to power your life so you can live with wonder.

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