How Saw Palmetto Can Benefit Men's Health

How Saw Palmetto Can Benefit Men's Health

Published by Wonder Laboratories on May 31st 2023

Saw palmetto is the extract of a certain kind of shrub historically known for its benefits to prostate health in men. These benefits are supported by scientific study, and there are a variety of other benefits that saw palmetto can provide for men.

What Is Saw Palmetto?

Saw palmetto is the name of a species of small palm tree, or palm, that is native to the southeastern United States. It flourishes throughout Florida, and is found as far north as Charleston, SC. The scientific name for this species is Serenoa repens. Saw palmetto plants are uniquely perseverant, with some of them having lifespans estimated to be up to 700 years. Their leaves are tough and grow slowly. Saw palmettos can grow deep roots as well, especially in areas with dry, sandy soil. Saw palmetto's proliferation in certain areas is pervasive. Saw palmetto is historically valued for its medicinal applications. It can produce fruit in summer, and it is a type of fruit which humans have consumed for centuries. There are 19th-century records of saw palmetto extracts being used for prostate issues and as an aphrodisiac. It has been studied and used in recent years as well.

The Benefits of Saw Palmetto for Men

Saw palmetto is a unique herbal remedy in today's market of natural medicine. It is known for its various potential uses in men's physiological health. At least two of these uses harken back to saw palmetto's traditional applications. There are others as well. Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) is swelling of a man's prostate, and research shows that saw palmetto can help mitigate BPH by working at the cellular level. BPH can be caused by one of several things: inflammation, hormonal changes, a deterioration of blood vessels, or zinc deficiency. This swelling can interfere with urination. Saw palmetto combats swelling of the prostate by inhibiting testosterone from binding to and stimulating the growth of prostate cells. This reduces prostate swelling and difficulty urinating, as well as bolstering testosterone levels. Libido: The libido of a man, namely his sex drive, could be supported by using saw palmetto. This is due to the benefit that this supplement has on testosterone (T) levels. This could work for women as well, since T facilitates sex drive in both sexes. Hair loss in men could be mitigated with the use of saw palmetto. This benefit also involves testosterone. When a hair falls from a follicle, the follicle will usually replace it, unless an androgen known as DHT interferes. Saw palmetto's effect on T could reduce DHT and enact a change in follicle health, and help maintain hair growth in men where it would otherwise decline. General urinary health in elderly men and women could be improved by taking saw palmetto. This is in addition to the improvements from reduced BPH. Saw palmetto might strengthen urinary muscles, which could be of special help for postmenopausal women. Studies have shown improvements in urine flow and other urological symptoms in men and women. Saw palmetto is a unique plant-based supplement with unique benefits. The tough physical composition of saw palmetto translates to potentially significant improvements in prostate health in men, as well as boosting urinary health and sexual health in men and women. It's recommended that you talk to your healthcare provider about saw palmetto before taking it.

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