Kosher-Certified Supplements: What, Why & How!

Kosher-Certified Supplements: What, Why & How!

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Dec 31st 2018

You take vitamins and supplements because you want to be the healthiest version of yourself, right? So, why settle for just any supplement when you can take kosher-certified supplements? At Wonder Labs, we believe in providing your family with the highest quality products possible, which is one reason why we offer a wide array of kosher-certified vitamins and supplements.

What are kosher supplements?

Kosher refers to a manufacturing process and ingredient quality standard that is set by Jewish dietary law. The Hebrew word kosher literally means fit, proper, or correct. In practical terms, kosher-certified supplements are produced in an audited facility using ingredients manufactured and processed according to stringent requirements with regards to product handling, manufacturing, and cleaning. These practices include:
  • No commingling of foods; all surfaces, containers, and utensils are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between different ingredients.
  • Separation of dairy and meat.
  • No blood or blood products.
  • No unclean animals (e.g. pigs or shellfish).

Why produce kosher supplements?

While we have been purchasing kosher ingredients for many years, the Wonder Labs manufacturing facility and many of our products have been KO Kosher Certified since 2008. We do this because meeting kosher standards is just another way that we can remain committed to providing our customers with the highest quality ingredients possible.

How does the kosher process work for supplements?

In order to produce and sell kosher-certified supplements, we have to undergo a stringent inspection and certification process by a third-party organization. Though all of our products are manufactured in a kosher facility, not every product is certified kosher. This is because some products, such as glucosamine (which is derived from shellfish), simply cannot be kosher because it contains an unclean ingredient, according to Jewish law: shellfish. Kosher Certified Service logoIn order to know if a vitamin or supplement is certified kosher, just look for the Ko label on the packaging. You can view all of our kosher-certified products here. Have more questions about the kosher process? Just ask! We're only a click or call away!

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