Mani/Pedi Trauma? Meet the Top Two Supplements for Healthy Nails!

Mani/Pedi Trauma? Meet the Top Two Supplements for Healthy Nails!

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Feb 25th 2019

Ah, that first pedicure! Quite the dramatic before/after, right? And the second one… still lookin' good! Three… Four… Five… Six… At a certain point, you may notice the law of diminishing returns coming into effect. That is to say, with each manicure or pedicure, the improvements are fewer. The time at the salon becomes more about maintaining a look. And, meanwhile, your natural nails and cuticles become dry and brittle. If you decide to go without your routine mani/pedi, then you may notice flakiness and other signs of poor nail health. Not to worry… those nails can be fixed! (And, no, not by covering them up with another trip to the salon!)

Meet Biotin, A Supplement for Health Nails

Biotin is believed to strengthen hair and rejuvenate skin and nails. As a water-soluble B vitamin, biotin is not stored in the body (like vitamins A or D). Rather, your body needs biotin (and other water-soluble vitamins) on a daily basis, as whatever the body doesn't use is passed through. Biotin does appear naturally in some foods, but it would be impossible for anyone to eat enough food to receive the same amount of biotin that can be taken in supplement form. For example, a cooked egg has approximately 10 mcg's. You would have to eat 500 eggs in order to get the 5,000 mcg's of biotin offered in capsule form! Oatmeal, bananas, sunflower seeds, nuts and mushrooms are also good sources of biotin. However, just as it is with eggs, you're not going to get sufficient quantities of this B vitamin through food alone. If your nails could use a little rejuvenation, why not try Wonder Lab's Mega Biotin 5000 mcg? It ships free, and with our 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

Calling Out for Super Collagen+C

In addition to biotin, many people are turning to Super Collagen+C for healthy skin, hair and nails. In fact, 92% of individuals who took this clinically tested NeoCell collagen had increased skin hydration! This supplement provides the body with the raw materials it needs to support collagen. Research suggests that it may act act as a messenger to trigger the synthesis of new collagen fibers. Plus Super Collagen+C contains vitamin C to provide further supplementation for optimal collagen health. Try Super Collagen+C | 6000 mg Collagen Type 1 & 3.

Say Hello to Hyaluronic Acid

Lastly, a product that continues to gain more and more popularity and usage for it's ability to take care of your skin and connective tissues, you can't go wrong with hyaluronic acid. If you pay attention to commercials about cosmetic and beauty care products, you've probably noticed more and more companies touting this ingredient being included in their products. Hyaluronic Acid, also known as Rooster Comb Extract, helps keep your skin looking young and healthy and your joints moving efficiently by helping your body maintain moisture levels in these areas which helps then maintain elasticity and flexiblity. Give Hyaluronic Acid | Rooster Comb Extract a try today!

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