Mental Health Issues: Self-Help Guide to Feeling Better

Mental Health Issues: Self-Help Guide to Feeling Better

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Jul 16th 2020

Mental health issues are very prevalent in our society today. Per the NIMH, nearly 1 in 5 US adults are living with one mental health condition or the other. This represents a considerable burden on various grounds as mental health issues, if unchecked, can have far-ranging, debilitating effects on the individual and his environment. Lack of productivity, deteriorating relationships with others, a drop in the overall health of the body are just some of the potential adverse effects of mental health issues. Indeed, the prognostic picture for mental health issues can be bleak. However, this does not have to be the case. While living with mental illness can color one's experience, in many cases, the individual yet retains the ability to have a say in choosing the colors-so to speak. Selecting the bright and vibrant or succumbing to the dark and gloomy is, in many cases, within the individual will. Below, this article will go on to discuss some ways individuals can reclaim themselves and go on to enjoy a positive and vibrant life despite mental health issues.

Maintain Vitality by Exercising Regularly

An imposition ally in dealing with mental health issues is regular exercise. Mental health issues tend to cause individuals to neglect themselves and lose focus and interest in things that matter. Over some time, this can lead to a breakdown of the body in addition to the mind. Regularly exercising, however, helps to counter that. Exercise, in addition to keeping the body fit, also helps keep the mind healthy. Exercise also allows individuals with mental health issues to maintain a focused perspective on life- instead of just giving in to the mental condition. Exercise can also have the cathartic effect of being an outlet for pent-up emotions, something essential in dealing with mental health issues.

Fortify Your Body with Good Food and Supplements

A healthy mind, in a healthy body, is a famous axiom of PE teachers. It is also very valid, more so when an individual is living with a mental health issue. . A common effect of mental health issues is the lack of interest or will in taking care of one's body including by healthy eating. However, this only worsens the progression and magnifies the already considerable burden mental illness can place on an individual. It is, therefore, necessary to counter it by making a deliberate effort to eat healthily and boost the body with essential supplements of which trace minerals comprise a significant part. The trace minerals include zinc, iron, etc. Check the trace mineral list here.

Take detox sessions

Mental health issues can cause a significant build-up of toxic clutter in the individual. This can, in turn, represent a severe limitation and further worsen the negative effects of the condition. It is, therefore, necessary to take regular detox sessions to clear your mind up and stay healthy. Detoxification can come in many forms. It can be achieved by taking up meditation practices like yoga or other mindfulness exercises. Brain detox, a natural process where your brain clears its accumulated toxins can be enhanced by the use of appropriate supplements. . On the overall, regular detox sessions considerably improve the outlook for many mental health issues.

Don't give in to unhealthy lifestyle tendencies

One of the more insidious, and unhealthy effects of mental health issues is the kind of coping mechanisms it causes the individual to adopt. More often than not, these are unhealthy and only act towards forgetting or suppressing the issue rather than solving it. Eventually, these harmful coping mechanisms such as alcoholism, unhealthy eating habits, excessive smoking, giving way quickly to anger, and even violence wreck their damage on the individual's body and mind, worsening the effect of the mental health issue. It is therefore essential to adopt a conscious approach not to pick up those habits, and instead, adopt healthier, purposeful practices and activities.

Do the things you enjoy

One of the best ways to maintain a great life despite mental health issues is to look for positives and joy in your daily life. An excellent way to go about doing that is to recognize the things you enjoy doing and then do them. Focusing on the things you enjoy doing can be the ray of sunshine your life needs. Make a regular habit of these things, be they simple walks, or even playing a musical instrument, and it can help your mental state progressively move to a healthier place.

Find a bigger purpose

One of the more debilitating effects of mental health issues is the feeling of meaninglessness or a general lack of purpose. This feeling is counterproductive on many grounds and, as such, should be appropriately tackled. People living with mental health issues have found that feeling part of a bigger purpose or useful can help in that regard. You can volunteer to help others with similar problems, take up a good cause, or invest yourself in something you feel matters. That way, you can find positive points of focus in your life asides the bleak of mental health issues.

Take regular breaks

While this is placed last, it is one of the most critical steps. There will be times things feel overwhelming, and it's like you are on your last legs. The thing to do then is not to hang in till the wave knocks you over, but to take a break and get yourself back. You do not even need to wait for things to get dire or backbreaking before taking breaks. Rather the breaks should be regular, so you are always refreshed and adequately focused.


Living with mental health issues can be a very limiting experience. Still, as the article shows, it doesn't have to be so. Following the suggested steps in an appropriate combination, represents a possible way by which individuals can enjoy a positive and fulfilling life despite mental health conditions.

Written by Guest writer Polly IroncladEditor @ Pure Himalayan Shilajit

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