Natural Ways to Overcome Sleeplessness, Stress, Back & Muscle Pain, and Other Nervous System Ailments [Infographic]

Natural Ways to Overcome Sleeplessness, Stress, Back & Muscle Pain, and Other Nervous System Ailments [Infographic]

Published by Wonder Laboratories on May 9th 2016

If you find yourself struggling to relax, low on energy, plagued with muscle aches and unable to sleep, chances are stress is the culprit. Nervous system ailments are more common than you'd think, and can put a real damper on everyday life. Stress is a natural reaction to certain situations, such as being startled during a horror movie. But constant exposure leaves you feeling trapped in a chronic stress cycle. Once you're stuck in this state of regular stress, other symptoms — including depression, tense muscles, and inability to concentrate — can soon follow.

Set Yourself Free From Stress Naturally

Set yourself free from stress, naturally, by practicing three simple habits: 1. Find ways to increase your step count. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress. Do simple things like parking farther away from the door to increase your step count on a daily basis. 2. Turn off all screens 30 minutes before bed. The National Sleep Foundation has found that our digital screens can trick our brains into thinking it's daytime. Therefore, it can be harder to sleep if we're using these devices near bedtime. Help your brain wind down by putting screens away about a half hour before you go to sleep. 3. Integrate deep breathing into your daily life. Deep breathing can be very soothing for the stressed mind. Practice yoga or meditation to enjoy the full benefits of this practice, which will also help you feel more relaxed. While these practices can help, sometimes natural exercises aren't enough to set you free from stress, and the aches it brings. You also don't want to fill your body with harmful chemicals. A perfectly natural, homeopathic formula that is non-habit forming, Valerin was discovered several decades ago as a pure way to deliver relaxation—prescription and side-effect free. Many patients report relief from a variety of nervous system ailments and common pains that interrupt our daily lives. Learn more about Valerin and other natural ways to overcome nervous system ailments by reading our infographic below. Natural Ways to Overcome Sleeplessness, Stress, Back and Muscle Pain

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