November is Bladder Health Month

November is Bladder Health Month

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Nov 18th 2022

There is perhaps no better time to take your bladder health into account than November, which is officially designated as Bladder Health Month. Here, we look at some conditions that can affect the bladder and offer suggestions for some supplements that can be of benefit to the bladder as well as the entire urinary tract system.

Notes on Bladder and Bladder Health

The urinary bladder is a hollow, balloon-like organ that resides in the lower abdomen. The bladder stores urine, which receives and contains extra fluid as well as waste products before it is released. The urinary bladder is subject to change over time and can be susceptible to infection as well. As one ages, the bladder tends to become less flexible, resulting in a reduced holding capacity. Concurrently, the bladder walls and pelvic muscles can weaken over time, increasing the chances of urine leaking. Separately, the bladder and urinary system can potentially be exposed to infection, resulting in a urinary tract infection (UTI). Pain, trouble passing urine, fever, and other symptoms typically occur. UTIs are more common in women than in men. Medical attention and antibiotics are the usual course of treatment for a UTI. However, some supplements can potentially help to prevent such infections.

Supplements to Bolster the Bladder

There are at least several natural supplements available which can support the health of the bladder, and/or the health or the urinary system as a whole. If you would like to help maintain bladder health and prevent bladder issues, talk to your doctor about taking one of these supplements. Cranberry is well-known for its beneficial effects in preventing UTIs. Science has shown that proanthocyanidin, a unique compound in cranberries, can help displace E. coli bacteria that enter the bladder. The more cranberry one has consumed, the more effective it can be. An oral cranberry extract supplement is an excellent way to consume cranberry. Pumpkin seed oil has properties that can make it useful in addressing an overactive bladder. The linoleic acid, oleic acid, and other microelements in pumpkin seed oil are thought to be helpful. Pumpkin seed oil might also help men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Vitamin C can be useful in preventing UTIs. This is because it alters the structure of some nitrogen-containing chemicals in the urine, which in turn can reduce the chances of a UTI developing. D-mannose is a sugar that occurs in cranberries and other plant foods. A dietary D-mannose supplement can be helpful to the urinary system by helping to prevent UTIs, and it can prevent inflammation due to UTIs as well. Different studies have shown D-mannose able to help prevent recurrent UTIs in some people, with some studies concluding that it could work just as well as antibiotics. Taking care of your bladder and urinary system is important. When considering the health of your urinary system against infection, take these above-mentioned supplements into account. Next to staying hydrated and maintaining a decent diet, these could be potentially instrumental in preventing bladder and urinary issues.

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