Reach for Vitamin E for Healthier Hair

Reach for Vitamin E for Healthier Hair

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Sep 22nd 2016

Many people are already aware of the heart health benefits provided by Vitamin E. It has been attributed to lowering the risk of heart attacks, which afflicts 720,000 Americans every year, according to the Heart Foundation. Based on those statistics alone, it's clear that Vitamin E should be a priority for all Americans. However, there are other reasons for ensuring an adequate intake of the vitamin. Studies show that it encourages the growth of healthy hair as well. Researchers believe it works for hair health the same way it does for the heart. It is believed to enable capillary growth aiding in preventing hair loss and assisting in hair growth. When consumed regularly, vitamin E's positive side effects on hair have been evident in various studies. People can get the recommended daily supply of vitamin E from the food they eat or from supplements. Here are a few different examples of sources of vitamin E for healthy hair:
  • Oil: While there are multiple hair products with Vitamin E that encourage healthy hair, you also can apply Vitamin E directly to the hair and scalp as an oil. When used regularly, the oil can promote hair growth and improve the appearance of the hair.
  • Food: Vitamin E can be found naturally in kale, mustard greens, spinach, and other green leafy vegetables. Almonds that people snack on to stay healthy are not only good for a healthy body; they also are a great source of vitamin E for hair health. Fruits rich in vitamin E include kiwi, avocado, and papaya.
  • Supplements: There are many non-prescription supplements people can take for Vitamin E, especially if a person may not be getting the daily recommended amount. Also, keep in mind that RDA varies among people of different ages and genders.

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