Six Products Well-Suited for Children's Health

Six Products Well-Suited for Children's Health

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Dec 1st 2021

A good parent is well aware of his or her child's health needs and is prepared in advance to manage matters within their control. Having certain remedies on hand, or at least knowing about them, is beneficial for any parent who wants the best for their children. Following are some of the best and most accessible remedies and products suited for the health and wellbeing of kids.

A Word on Health Products for Children

Children's use of supplements, remedies, and other health products requires certain considerations when compared to adult use of these products. If you believe that a certain product might be beneficial for your child, speak to your family doctor or pediatrician before letting your children use the product. A primary consideration for children's supplement use is that the ideal amount of the active ingredient for a child is most often lower than it would be for adults. Knowing the daily recommended intake (DRI) per age group is important. Other considerations include your child's diet, which would typically provide enough vitamins and nutrients if it is a healthy regimen. Children who eat a vegan diet or who are picky eaters are more likely to benefit from supplementation.

Assorted Products for a Child's Health

The following are three common and highly recommended products that are extremely useful for many children, depending on their needs. Calcium is commonly found in oral tablet form, and sometimes in a wafer form designed for children. We know that calcium contributes to strong bones, and it also has a role in muscle contraction, nerve cell communication, and the release of hormones. For children who are very physically active (which most of them are), calcium intake is crucial. Melatonin is the primary hormone that initiates sleep. For children who have some trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, melatonin is a safe and non-medicated option to help them. A child's melatonin tablet containing less of the active ingredient can be commonly found. Melatonin is certainly safe for short-term use (as it already occurs in the body naturally), but the effects of long-term use are unknown. Petroleum jelly is a common and highly useful product for children and adults alike. It is used to remedy chapped lips, chafing, and other causes of dry or cracked skin. Herbal Remedies  The following are three herbal remedies that are particularly useful when your child is feeling under the weather or headed in that direction. Echinacea is an herb that is commonly used by adults, but is also regarded as potentially helpful to children. Echinacea is thought to help boost the immune system and defend against the common cold. Ivy leaf, specifically in extract form, might be useful to children experiencing an upper respiratory condition and/or cough. There is scientific study supporting the efficacy of ivy leaf extract, taken by mouth, in children who experienced cough and those who experienced asthma symptoms. Most anything with zinc in it might also help children in dealing with the effects of colds, such as a runny nose or cough. Cayenne pepper has a very specific medicinal use for children: halting nosebleeds. Cayenne has this ability because it helps blood to clot. The method of use is for a child experiencing a nosebleed to hold their head upright, pinch their nostrils together for a minute or two, and then take a moist cotton swab with a small amount of cayenne, and rub this inside the nostrils.  Some children need a nutritional boost, or better remedies outside of the most mainstream products for mild illness. These supplements and products can make for a useful addendum to your child's diet and/or health cabinet.

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