Solutions to Snoring Available Over The Counter

Solutions to Snoring Available Over The Counter

Published by Wonder Laboratories on May 11th 2023

Most people snore from time to time without disturbance. But for some, snoring can cause sleep disturbance for themselves and/or their partner. Fortunately, certain herbs and supplements can help clear the airways so that you are less likely to snore.

Why Do You Snore?

Snoring is the direct result of soft tissue in the mouth, nose, or throat vibrating while you breathe during sleep. It is a hindrance to airflow during sleep. The direct cause of snoring can be enlarged soft tissue (tonsils or the tongue), nasal congestion and/or inflammation, or excess body fat that puts pressure on the airway. Some people snore only occasionally, and not loudly. Others snore regularly and loudly, such that it wakes them or their partner at night. In some cases, loud and frequent snoring is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea, which necessitates medical attention and can be harmful if left untreated. Certain factors can increase the chances of snoring. These include age (snoring is more likely as you age), gender (snoring is more prevalent in men), obesity, family history, and the use of alcohol or sedatives. Avoiding alcohol before bed, losing excess weight, and sleeping with your head slightly raised can all decrease the likelihood of snoring.

Herbs and Supplements for Snoring

The following herbs and supplements have the potential to mitigate the factors that cause snoring. These should be used alongside the healthy measures mentioned previously that can mitigate snoring. These home remedies are not a replacement for treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, if that is the cause of your snoring. Be sure to discuss any of these with your physician before adding them to your daily regimen. Ashwagandha is an herb that works as an adaptogen. This means that it has a stabilizing effect on the nerves, reduces stress, and can in turn promote healthy, deep breathing during sleep. Ashwagandha can bolster the quality of sleep for those who tend to snore loudly and frequently, including those with sleep apnea. Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil that can help clear up the airways and mitigate snoring. It can assist in removing mucus from the airways. Putting a few drops of eucalyptus oil into steam and gently inhaling this for a few minutes before bed can have the desired effect. This can also reduce airway inflammation, a factor which contributes to snoring. Fenugreek is an herb that can help mitigate snoring that occurs due to digestive issues. Indigestion having to do with stomach acids can contribute to snoring. Fenugreek can help relieve this indigestion. Fenugreek can also be a help for those experiencing sleep apnea. Nettle leaf extract can help relieve snoring by working as an antihistamine. Congestion which leads to snoring is often an allergic reaction. The body releases histamines as a response to environmental allergens, which causes sinus congestion. Nettle leaf extract can help thwart this reaction, and thereby mitigate snoring due to congestion. Quercetin is a dietary flavonoid that can reduce nasal inflammation and work as an antihistamine. In turn, this can mitigate snoring that occurs due to an allergic reaction to pollen or other environmental allergens. While snoring can disrupt the sleep of you or your partner at night, it does not have to continue unabated. These herbs and supplements have the potential to mitigate snoring that occurs due to allergens, congestion, and even due to sleep apnea. We recommend talking to your healthcare provider before using any of these products to address snoring.

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