Tips to Help Make You a Weight-loss Winner

Tips to Help Make You a Weight-loss Winner

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Jan 23rd 2017

So, it's late January – how are things going with that New Year's resolution; you know, the one about losing X number of pounds in 2017? We would ask you to raise your hand if you've already fallen off that wagon, but we're not going to. No guilt trips today. Instead, we're going to keep it positive and talk about what we can do going forward to shed those unwanted pounds, even if that wasn't a New Year's resolution for you. Chances are, though, you DID pack on a few pounds over the holidays. It's time for (another?) fresh start. For the sake of expedience, let's not count carbs and calories, nor waste time rating diets/weight-loss programs such as Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem or what's known as the trendy, drop-pounds-fast Military Diet, which actually has nothing to do with serving in uniform but everything to do with portions barely able to feed a mouse. Following are some weight-loss tips from which you can pick and choose to help you get back on track in 2017. As always, it is recommended that you discuss your weight-loss goals and strategies with your physician or other health expert before making any significant changes in your life: First think about adding Berberine. Berberine affects the body at the molecular level, and has a variety of functions inside cells. One of the main functions is activating an important enzyme called AMPK, which regulates metabolism. Berberine was supposedly used in China as a folk medicine by Shennong around 3000 BC. Recent studies have indicated that berberine helps with weight loss and aids in blood sugar control. They also indicated berberine is effective for treating diabetes and type 2 diabetes. One study says berberine is as good as the drug Metformin for diabetics! If your are looking for the best place to buy berberine then you are at the right place. See our blog. Berberine and how Berberine activates AMPK.

19 Tips for Helping You Lose Weight

  • Eat eggs for breakfast. Maybe not every single day, but there are a variety of ways to prepare them. Eggs are low in calories and high in protein, and they can help leave you feeling full enough to make it to lunchtime without craving big snacks.
  • Have a food-storage plan. Arrange things around the kitchen and pantry so the sweets and other tempting belt busters are kept out of sight. On the other hand, keep your healthy food choices front and center where they can be seen and easily reached.
  • Drink water throughout the day, or at least before meals. According to, drinking water can boost metabolism by 24-30% over the next 60-90 minutes, thus helping to burn calories more efficiently.
  • Drink coffee (black recommended) and/or green tea. Both have caffeine, yes, but both also have antioxidants, which are believed to help burn fat.
  • Use small plates. Studies essentially say this fools us into seeing smaller portions as bigger than they really are, and therefore these smaller portions will satiate our hunger.
  • Eat oatmeal in the morning. Hey, this gives you a break from the breakfast eggs mentioned earlier. Oats are another food type that will keep you feeling full deeper into the day.
  • Don't skip meals. Dr. Oz says this makes your body go into "fat-storing starvation mode," thus calories don't get burned as quickly.
  • Avoid fried foods. Many restaurants still push this on their menus, when there are so many other ways to prepare food, such as roasting, steaming, baking, broiling, etc.
  • Lift weights for exercise, too. Cardio is good, but muscle burns four times as many calories as fat does. So work those muscles; pump that iron – under proper fitness supervision, of course.
  • Cut down on salt intake. This isn't just about blood pressure. Salt, says, can make you feel hungrier and thirstier, so you end up consuming more calories.
  • On the other hand, spice up your food. Not with salt, but with hot spices that are said to curb hunger. A key compound found in some hot spices is capsaicin, which comes from chilies.
  • Eliminate diet sodas, or at least cut wayyyyy back. Yes, that sweet carbonation has a lot of appeal for drinkers – until they are told how artificial sweeteners can mess with our body's natural ability to regulate calorie intake.
  • Keep a food record. It works! It keeps us accountable to ourselves. A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine said such record keepers lost twice as much weight as those who didn't. You heard it: keep that pencil and paper handy, boys and girls.
  • Wear fitted clothing – as opposed to those comfier pants with the elastic waistbands. This will help keep you in check, for real.
  • Prepare for eating out . . .by eating lighter during the day.
  • Get enough sleep. Studies show that a lack of sleep alters hormones that control hunger, says While you're at it, get checked for sleep apnea—it can disrupt your sleep patterns.
  • Jump into the water. A pool, that is. Learn how to swim, for real. A proper swim workout combines cardio with strength training, without all that stress on the joints.
  • Cut back on sweets. Cakes, cookies, pies, ice cream, yogurt – you name it, out they go. Yep, it takes a lot of discipline, but the payoff in terms of shedding pounds can be monumental.
With proper supervision or at least consultation, tailoring your own weight-loss plan by combining several of these tips can make a big difference in your life . . . as well as your waistline.

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