Unveiling the Variety of Collagen's Health Benefits

Unveiling the Variety of Collagen's Health Benefits

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Mar 30th 2023

Collagen is a substance that is a crucial structural component for the human body. It is present in the skin, joints, and elsewhere. There are numerous benefits to be gained from taking an oral collagen supplement.

The Roles of Collagen In the Body

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. The primary function of collagen is to provide strength, support, and overall structure in organs throughout your body. Among other things, collagen provides strength and elasticity to skin, contributes to muscle structure and muscular function, helps replace dead skin cells. It even helps blood to clot properly. Different types of collagen are present within the body, but they all serve a structural function in some capacity. Type I collagen accounts for more than 90% of the collagen that is in the human body; It provides structural support in the skin, joints, tendons, ligaments, and more. Type II, type III, and other forms of collagen exist in smaller amounts throughout the body.

Reasons to Supplement With Collagen

Collagen in the form of an oral supplement has several potential structural benefits for your body. Note, too, that oral collagen supplements are better absorbed by the body than are topical applications of collagen. The forms of collagen in oral supplements, such as collagen peptide powder, are designed to be well-absorbed in the body. Collagen is often an ingredient in oral supplements designed for joint health as well as in amino acid complex supplements.

Strong Bones

Stronger bones could potentially be achieved as a result of regular supplementation with collagen. Some studies have linked collagen supplementation with increased bone density. This is important, considering bone density tends to wane with age.


Treating osteoarthritis is possible by way of taking an oral collagen supplement. At least one study has shown a correlation between collagen supplementation and a reduction in pain linked to osteoarthritis. More studies are needed to confirm this particular use of collagen supplements.

Joint Pain

Mitigating joint pain in athletes could be achieved by supplementing with collagen. Collagen could also help with joint mobility in athletes.

Thicker Hair

This is a more tenuous potential benefit of collagen, but thicker hair is commonly attributed to collagen supplementation. One study has linked daily collagen supplementation with increased hair thickness, quantity, and scalp coverage in women.

Skin Health

An oral supplement containing collagen peptide has the potential to help revitalize skin. Collagen is crucial for skin. If you or a family member are aging in such a way that your skin is looking older than it should, it could be because your body's collagen levels might be low. In such cases, a collagen supplement could support the vibrancy and elasticity of the skin. Collagen is a crucial protein for your body's structural integrity. This goes for your skin, bones, and more. Taking an oral collagen supplement can be of benefit to those who want to improve their skin/bone/joint health. Talk to your healthcare provider about using a collagen supplement before starting such a regimen on your own.

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